nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Forty nine non-teaching personnel of the University were promot-ed effective January 5, 2015. The promotion had the following non-teaching positions and number of personnel promoted in each posi-tion: Supervising Administrative Officer, 1; Administrative Officer V, 1; Administrative Officer IV, 1; Administrative Officer II, 4; Administra-tive Officer I, 2; Senior Administrative Assistant II, 1; Statistician II, 1; Internal Auditor, 1; Edu-cational Research Assistant II, 1; Educa-tional Research Assistant I, 1; Security Officer I, 1; Administrative Aide VI, 8; Administrative Aide IV, 7; Administrative Aide III, 7; Administrative Assis-tant II, 5; Administrative Assistant I, 1; Security Guard I, 2; Casual Clerk, 3; Utility Worker I, 1.

The personnel pro-moted are Norma F. Naval, SADOF (Supply Officer IV); Rodolfo R. Real, Statistician II; Nathalie P. Almero, Ad-min. Officer IV, (HRMO II); Beatriz Q. Almo, Ad-min. Officer II, (HRMO II); Geronimo R. Torres, Security Officer I; Loida E. Alconcel, Admin. Officer I; Arlie A. Tactay, Admin. Asst. II; Flynn V. Castro, Admin. Aide VI; Loraine Ann P. Romena, Admin. Aide III (Clerk I); Mylene C. Fagela, Securi-ty Guard I; Mitchelle C. De La Cruz, Security
Guard I; Erlinda V. Horla-dor, Admin. Officer V; Angelina Q. Verzosa, Internal Auditor; Pianita A. Rafanan, Admin. Of-ficer II; Lilybeth B. Baja, Admin. Officer II; Jose-phine B. Opeña, Admin. Aide VI; Lilibeth N. Pizar-ro, Admin. Asst. II; Laar-ni T. Roque, Admin. Aide VI; Lilibeth Castañeda, Admin. Aide IV; Victoria V. Pacris, Sr. Admin. Asst. II; Maritess R. Ra-boy, Educ. Research Asst. II; Mariano T. Ro-mano, Jr., Admin. Asst. II; Leila A. Ruelos, Ad-min. Aide IV, (Clerk II); Mary Joy A. Roqueta, Ad-min. Aide IV, (Clerk II); Richard A. Allagadan, Admin. Aide VI (Clerk III); Gretchen Pepsi A. Palacpac, Admin. Aide VI, (Clerk III); Deovino D. Medrano, Admin. Aide III, (Clerk I); Joel P. Ro-sario, Admin. Officer II; Ronald N. Amano, Educ. Research Asst. I; Rose-marie G. Siruno, Admin. Asst. I; Elena R. Buguasen, Admin. Aide III, (Clerk I); Ma. Kristina G. Almachar, Admin. Aide III, (Clerk I); Gemma R. Reoliquio, Admin. Aide IV, (Clerk I); Ma. There-sa V. Esguerra, Admin. Aide IV, (Clerk I); Em-manuel A. Ramos, Ad-min. Officer I; Gigette R. Naval, Admin. Asst. II; Simeon A. Aludino, Jr., Admin. Aide VI (Clerk III); Marianne Belinda A. Tagorda, Casual Clerk; Lorie R. Astom, Admin. Asst. II; Jenice A. Jara-millo, Admin. Aide VI, (Clerk III); Sannie B. Billedo, Admin. Aide IV, (Clerk II); Antonina A. Lazaro, Admin. Aide VI, (Clerk III); Maribel T. Adajar, Admin. Aide IV, (Clerk II); Rowena R. Bundoc, Admin. Aide III, (Clerk I); Ricky T. Talbo, Admin. Aide III, (Clerk I); Joel C. Fabillaran, Ad-min. Aide III (Clerk I); Armando C. Gamlot, Ad-min. Aide I (Utility Work-er 1); Glicerio A. Savella, Casual Clerk; and Kirc John Mabutas, Casual Clerk.