The SW Program was able to produce twelve new social workers. (They passed the licensure examination for social workers given by the PRC in Baguio City on June 26, 27 2012.)


  1. Boron, Mariel V.
  2. Bugtong, Marvin S.
  3. Burgonio, Daniel J.
  4. Cacayorin, Erlito R.
  5. Cajigal, Angelica B.
  6. Dizon, Raquel S.
  7. Gorospe, Maryssa D.
  8. Inong, Yvonne I.
  9. Mercuro, Rizelle C.
  10. Padsing Jayson B.
  11. Pilotin, Reysa D.
  12. Quiton, Maria Cristina C.