Events… UNP personnel join the work force in the fun-filled family day held at the UNP Marcos Hall on October 20, 2014.

The University of Northern Philippines Faculty Union and Non-teaching Employees Union held a family day participated in by all faculty and non-teaching personnel on October 20, 2014. The day of fun and games had four competing teams; red, blue, green and yellow.

There were 24 games that were played during the UNP family day. The games and the winners in the different games were putukan na, male, red team; putukan na, women, blue team; jumping rope, blue team; stop dance relay, red team; tag of war, blue team; march to UNP, men, green team; and march to UNP, women, red team.

Other games played were shuttle run which was won by the blue team; egg catching, red team; let me out, red team, breaking the pot, men, yellow team; and breaking the pot women was a tie between green and yellow teams.

The longest line game was won by the red team; 50 meter sprint, men, green team; 50 meter sprint, women, green team; plate relay, men, yellow team, plate relay, women, red team; kadang kadang, red team; egg race, red team; basket-ball, yellow team; volleyball, women, red team; zumba dance, blue team; videoke, men, green team; and videoke, women, red team.

The overall champion in the UNP family day games was the red team. Winners were awarded cash prizes.