1.Prime-HRM Revalidated Level III Accreditation – authority of the President to take final action on appointments by virtue of CSC Resolution No. 1201326 promulgated on September 11, 2012.

2.Crafted a new Vision Statement against which all policies of the University emanate.

3.Institutionalized Planning and Budget Hearing, Personnel Selection & Recruitment and staffing of offices.

4.Implementation of new policies and procedures for quality management documented in the published UNP Citizen’s Charter and approved by the Civil Service Commission.

5.Vertical articulation of the faculty and the general education subjects.

6.A 7.2 million budget used in the acquisition of new vehicles to safely transport the University employees, clients and other stakeholders to and from the different parts of the Philippines (University Bus, Coaster, Montero Sports, Toyota Fortuner, Hi-Ace,
Multi-Cab). These services are also being requested by the community during their educational and spiritual enhancement.

7.100% Compliance in Good Governance (SALN, settled cash advances, Philgeps) qualifying the University as one of the first SUC recipients to the grant of Performance Based Bonus in the last three years. The President has NO CASH ADVANCES during his term.

8.Not even friends and relatives could influence top decisions. Nor are they spared from disciplinary actions if need be.