1. Formulated and implemented plans and programs in line with the gender and development agenda of national government
2.Conducted advocacy activities for the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment through publication of 5 issues of the Gender and Development Newsletter, printing and distribution of flyers, and publication of the magazine Pamulinawen GAD Perspectives and radio broadcasts through the radio program Where are the Women
3.Intensified the integration of Gender and Development concepts and issues in subject areas in tertiary education curriculum
4.Initiated the conduct of 12 capacity-building activities for clients such as GSTs and seminars on different issues on gender, such as ecofeminism, adolescent sexuality and health, HIV/AIDS, , Gender –fair education, Violence Against Women which benefitted 394 personnel
5.Raised the consciousness of 8,000 students on gender issues through advocacy activities such as fora, symposia, parade, photo exhibits, radio talks and the like
6.Established institutional mechanisms for the mainstreaming of Gender and Development in the university such as the Gender Focal Point System (GFPS) with 60 members and enriched library collection on GAD for the use of the general public
7.Responded to requests for technical assistance as extension services to agencies which needed the expertise of CGAD for seminars and trainings particularly for the Philippine National Police (GSTs, Magna Carta of Women), 21 elementary and secondary schools of the Department of Education (GSTs, Planning and Integration of Gender concepts in the curriculum), Philippine Science High School (GST ), Abra State Institute for Science and Technology College of Teacher Education and College of Engineering and Vocational Technology for feminist research methodologies, North Luzon Philippines State College for GST of the faculty and administrators, gender orientation of students and fora on Violence Against Women for all college students; and DILG (Cervantes) for gender orientation of youth leaders
8.Linked with the Local Government Units of Vigan City and other municipalities, as member of the LGU Gender Focal Point System or City Women’s Council and as resource speaker for GAD activities
9.Integrated GAD in research by conducting 5 gender-related researches and publishing a GAD Research Journal
10.Capacitated 65 UNP personnel on gender and development through trainings and seminar-workshops conducted by partner agencies such as Philippine Commission on Women, Commission on Higher Education, Institute of Women’s Studies of St. Scholastica’s College, and other SUCs
11.Addressed the welfare concerns of the UNP personnel through reproductive, medical and health screening such as Pap Smear, blood chemistry, ultrasound, ECG, and X-ray and HPV-vaccination which benefitted 1,536 personnel