Library Guidelines

The members of the University Community – administrative officials and other personnel; faculty and students as well as other library users are hereby enjoined to observe the following guidelines:

Library Hours

Graduate School Library – 7:30-5:00 Monday to Saturday (no noon break)
Main Library – 7:30-5:00 Monday to Saturday (no noon break)
Laboratory Schools Library – 7:30-4:30 Monday to Friday

General Rules:

  1. SILENCE must be strictly observed. Idle conversations, loud laughter and other unnecessary to talk, it must be done in subdued tones
  2. Keep the library clean. No littering, use the waste basket
  3. Eating, smoking, and sleeping are prohibited in the library
  4. Tampering, mutilation and stealing of books and other reading materials or part of it and other similar acts are punishable by either loss of library privileges or be subjected to disciplinary action.
  5. Chairs must be pushed back quietly to their proper places after using them
  6. Use of library card or borrower’s card: Only students with library cards properly validated by the librarian shall be allowed to borrow books and other reading materials for overnight use. The card is non-transferable and the owner is held liable for every book drawn. Issuance of another card in case of loss is worth Php 5.00
  7. The graduate collection is intended primarily for the graduate school students (masteral and doctoral) and graduate faculty. Undergraduate students may be allowed to use upon request by subject professor. e.g. graduate theses.
  8. Control Procedures: Attaché case, bags, and big envelopes, big folders, personal books, must be left at the depository counter. All valuable such as wallets, calculators, cellphones must be kept by student. Upon leaving the library, every user will be required to: Open and show contents of notebooks; show control slip for reading materials charged out.
  9. Library services are suspended two (2) weeks (clearance period) before final examination.