More than a billion women and children continue to experience violence, abuse and exploitation. Reported cases of women and children victims of different forms of violence have reached an alarming level. Approximately one woman is beaten by her partner husband every 43 minutes while one child is battered every hour and 20 minutes. A woman or child is harassed every 4 hours. And there are 500,000 victims of prostitution in the Philippines where 100,000 of them are children.

Violence against women can also be in a form of economic deprivation or political persecution which affects more than 60 percent of the Filipino women population belonging to the marginalized sectors or society. Also, incidences of electronic violence against women are increasing at an alarming rate affecting most especially young girls and women, victimized through the internet and other forms of social media. Many laws have been enacted aimed at protecting women and children but the violence in all aspects continue.

ONE BILLION RISING is a global campaign that aims to promote and protect the rights of women from violence and crank up a billion-fold. As a global call, it aims to foster strong solidarity with women from other countries. On this day, national barriers will fade as women the world over STRIKE, DANCE and RISE against violence against women. ONE BILLION RISING – PHILIPPINES will be distinguished by the synchronous dancing of women in school, factories, farms, the streets, in communities, in market places and many other places.

Today in this academic institution we unite and mobilized, women, men and children, who are one with the struggle to uphold, respect and assert women’s rights. We register our voices to put an end to violence against women and children. With CRC, GABRIELA and NUSP, we STRIKE, we RISE, and we DANCE