Excerpt from the Message of Dr. Gilbert R. Arce
(Delivered during the installation ceremonies held at the Presidents’ Cottage on August 23, 2011.)

We shall work for the improvement of our academic standards. We shall do this by initially going back to the   basic and change the culture that has made us very comfortable with mediocrity. Middle level academic administrators have to do their basic functions to see to it that the students are the only ones blamed in poor board performances. The classroom performance of the instructors and professors should be evaluated meaningfully, and the best way to do it is for the academic unit administrators to go to the classrooms and observe classes. The presence of the faculty within the campus that ensures accessibility when needed by their students has to be thoroughly monitored. The faculty members have to set the examples of excellence in academic pursuits and not in other else. Everyone has to work for the accreditation of all our programs and to have our lost accreditation status be restored. The greatest challenge in   attaining these ambitious goals rests on the Deans.

We shall work hard for the institutionalization of the knowledge production cycle, starting from the classroom until we shall have attained a name in world of authors and inventors. And so, we shall equip the faculty with the necessary skills and competencies by sending those who are willing to grow professionally to attain advance education and support all undertakings that will enhance their capabilities.

We shall also see to it that there is no room for     incompetence, mediocrity and nepotism. The best framework which this ambitious plan is attained is, again, putting to   order our processes and seeing to it that meritocracy is the order of business. In resolving disputes, we shall ensure that there is fairness and justice, and that decisions shall be based on what is right and lawful tempered with utmost protection of human dignity.

We shall work for the improvement of our instructional facilities. I have a great concern on the state of our laboratories particularly in various technologies. This shall also be our focus. This will be our avenue towards modernization.
We shall see to it that all our academic program shall be accredited. One way of improving our services is to submit our academic programs to a thorough academic unit by our external partners in development. I am confident that as long as we are to make excellence as a part of our way of life, we will succeed in this endeavor.