The 1st Regional Virtual Research Congress 2020 with the theme “Fostering Researched amidst COVID 19 Pandemic” on June 25-26, 29 & 30, 2020is spearheaded by the Office of the Vice President for RE and URO in cooperation with the different Colleges of the University.

Interested presenters and participants may register via this link virtual research conference shall be conducted through online video conferencing using zoom app.

To qualify for virtual oral research presentation, the following shall be considered:
a. A completed research project for the last four (4) years (GAA funded or Self-funded researches) that are not presented yet. The presentation is open to all UNP Faculty Researches (part-time, contractual and permanent status) and student graduates and other researches from SUCs inRegion 1. b. Must be within the prioritized research agenda of their institutions an the national goals and perspectives that provide solution to emerging and identified social, educational, environmental and health concerns and problems; Technically and ethically sound ; Research results should provide new ideas/knowledge leading to relevant policies and actions that could contribute for the improvement of the quality of life amidst the changing times and challenging concerns.

The research follow and be categorized into following areas:
a.) Science and Technology and Energy
b.) Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment
c.) Social Sciences
d.) Education
e.) Health and Nutrition

The research manuscript shall follow the URO format and be submitted not later than June 20, 2020 thru this email:

The University Research Office (URO), University of Northern Philippines provides the following guidelines for the Virtual presentation via zoom:

  1. Presentation shall not be longer than 15 minutes in virtual form in an office or similar location.
  2. Another 15 minutes shall be allotted for the question and discussion for the judges. Each judge shall be allowed to ask a maximum of two questions.
  3. Presentation shall be in PowerPoint (Office 2010 or earlier version).
  4. Optimum level of courtesy and professionalism throughout congress shall be observed.
  5. There shall be “Best Presentation” and “Best Paper” Awards to be given to deserving award shall be selected from all the manuscripts submitted for presentation.
  6. There shall be three judges for each category.
  7. The winners of the Best Paper/ Presentation shall be announced on the last day. All certificates will be given online through the presenters’ email address.
  1. The decision of Board of Judges shall be final and irrevocable.

Note: minimum registration fee of Php 200 shall be charged from the participants to defray incidental expenses.

For inquiries, mechanics, and guidelines for presentation:
Facebook: UNPresearchoffice
Telefax: (077) 604-5479
Mobile #: (+63)9453471592