These services refer to programs and opportunities  designed to develop social awareness, personal internalization and meaningful contribution to nation-building. The services likewise refer to the provision of an environment conducive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional principles and policies.


To create/maintain opportunities for meaningful socio-civic/community involvement of students, the program shall  basically and primarily:

  1. Design and introduce programs, projects and activities that help develop the social consciousness, social maturity and community-orientedness of every bona fide UNP student.
  2. Create and assist the operation of a Core Group of students which will function as the Central or Steering Committee for socio-civic activities, programs, projects and involvements.
  3. Usher students to actively participate in social functions or events or conventions or fora or advocacy-related endeavours sponsored either by any unit of the university or outside agency through proper coordination under existing school policies and standard operating procedures.
  4. Coordinate and be in charge of activities with social or communal nature spearheaded by or assigned to the Office of Student Affairs.

To ensure that the right to freedom of religion is respected, the program shall undertake the following functions:

  1. Keep and regularly update students’ records on their religious affiliations.
  2. Promote ecumenical spirit within the campus through inter-faith dialogues, sharings, programs and activities spearheaded by a recognized Campus Youth Ministry.
  3. Coordinate/assess the activities and concerns of religious entities or organizations operating within the campus and those entering the campus for some official business.
  4. Monitor the proper use of the ecumenical center.
  5. Assess and recommend the accreditation and reaccreditation of religious student organizations.

To contribute to the realization of the objectives of the OSA as an integrated unit, the program shall:

  1. Assist the Student Organizations Accreditation Committee in the accreditation/reaccreditation of socio-civic and religious student organizations.
  2. Coordinate with the other services of the Office of Student Affairs  for the orientation, exposure or active  participation of its clientele to programs and activities that cater to student     welfare and development.

To guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of its services, the program shall:

  1. Establish a systematic monitoring to determine the relevance of student socio-civic and religious activities.
  2. Keep and maintain a feedback mechanism on the effectiveness of the  program  by  conducting   research  and   disseminating/ utilizing research outputs.



Policy Statement

A core group of students shall be created to lead in the conduct of activities and support some other undertakings as       determined by the SCMFS Program and in coordination with the concerned services of the Office of Student Affairs.


Guidelines and Qualifications of SCMFS Core Group

  1. The qualifications of an applicant for the SCMFS Core Group shall be as follows:
  2. A bona fide student of UNP (all levels) with the will to lead and the heart to serve;
  3. No failing/INC grades in the last semester/school term attended;
  4. Non-holder of key positions in two or more student organizations, publications, commissions, committees or     confederations (president, secretary, treasurer or their equivalent positions, e.g. editor-in-chief, associate editor, managing and section editors, chairperson and vice chairperson of      commissions, committees, confederations and special groups).  This “non-holder of  2 key positions rule” is continuing; it is to be strictly observed prior or subsequent to membership in the core group;
  5. Possesses leadership potentials and communication skills; and
  6. Possesses good moral character.
  7. The Vice President for Student and External Affairs will appoint the Chairman of the Core Group through the endorsement of the Student Council President, noted by the SCMFS Head and with the recommending approval of the Director of the Student      Development Program. The appointed Chairman shall preside over the election for the offices of the Vice Chairpersons and other positions.
  8. Members of the program shall elect the other officers of the core group, specifically the Vice Chairpersons for Socio-Cultural Affairs, Socio-Civic Services and Multi-Faith Concerns as well as the other positions relative thereto.
  9. The Head of the SCMFS shall be ipso facto the Adviser of the SCMFS Core Group.



Policy Statements

  1. All social, community and religious student organizations applying for accreditation  shall  seek first the  recommendation of the  Social, Community and Multi-faith Program before being accredited by the Student Council, Organizations and Fraternities Program.
  2. Every student organization shall include community services in their annual action plan.


Pre-Accreditation Requirements

  1. Application for accreditation/registration for aspiring/new organizations.
  2. Renewal for authority to operate (for old accredited organizations).
  3. Constitution and By-Laws with specimen signature of the committee who drafted it.
  4. List of officers/members with their specimen signature.
  5. Action Plan for the school year.



Policy Statements

The program shall offer orientation in order to acquaint the members of the different organizations related to SCMFS on the first week of July.


Special Awards for Outstanding  Volunteer Students

General Guidelines for the Search for Most Outstanding Volunteer Students

  1. Must exude good moral character and leadership skills.
  2. Must possess the spirit of volunteerism and willing to serve beyond class hours.
  3. Always ready to render services especially during emergency cases.



Policy Statements

The Ecumenical Center shall be strictly used for religious activities.


Guidelines in using the Ecumenical Center

  1. Submit an approved request letter for the use of the ecumenical center to the Head.
  2. Submit an approved Operational Plan.
  3. Maintain orderliness & cleanliness before and after any religious activity.
  4. Holding of classes and practices inside the ecumenical center is strictly prohibited.
  5. Any vandalism/breakage inside the ecumenical center or in its immediate premises will be charged to last user.



Policy Statements

The SCMFS Core Group with the Student Council, Mandated and Accredited, and other Student Formations shall altogether engage in community services following protocols and standard operating procedures.

  1. In activities solely sponsored and conducted by the SCMFS Core Group, such as but not limited to Resource Generation for-a-Cause, Relief Operation Services, Pilot Community Program, BAYANIHAN Services and Scholarship Grants, the following procedures shall be observed:
    1. The SCMFS Core Group shall identify the programs or activities to be undertaken in a chosen community with the supervision and guidance of the Student Development Director and SCMFS Head.
    2. An Operational Plan shall be duly accomplished.
    3. The Core Group shall prepare and distribute communication letters in the conduct of such activity.
    4. In cases of off-campus night activities and immersion, the participants shall secure parents’ permit and related requirements.
    5. The Core Group shall submit an accomplishment and financial report every after an activity and accomplished evaluation forms pertaining to the conducted activity.
  2. In activities determined by the SCMFS Program that involve and need the cooperation of the Student Council, Mandated and Accredited Organizations and other Student Formations, the following procedures should be complied with:
    1. The SCMFS Core Group shall coordinate with the Student Council, being the supreme student government, community activities that involve its assistance and collaboration.
    2. The Student Council shall synchronize all plans and preparations relative to the undertaking proposed by the SCMFS Core Group through consultation and resolution.
    3. The Core Group shall prepare and distribute communication letters accompanied by the SC resolution in the conduct of such activity.
    4. The Core Group with the assistance of the Director of Student Development Program and the Head of the program shall coordinate to the Local executives of those communities  concerned for the operation of the activity.
    5. The Core Group, Student Council, Mandated and Accredited Organizations and other Student Formations shall collectively   implement the undertaking.
    6. The Core Group shall submit an accomplishment & financial report every after an activity and accomplished evaluation forms pertaining to the conducted activity.