Policy Statements

  1. The University shall provide the students with: a) adequate opportunities to  form and  govern  their own  organizations/ confederations for their  legitimate and collective  interests; b)  a training  ground for the wholesome development of their political potentials and the enhancement of their leadership and management skills; and c) outside-classroom experiences that  promote their  intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual and social well-being.
  2. The UNP studentry shall have its representation to the highest policy-making body of the university, the Board of Regents, in the person of the Student Council President and in some other bodies like the UNP Administrative Council, Adjudication Board, Special Events Committee and the like.


Constitutional Bodies of the UNP Student Government

  1. University of Northern Philippines-Student Council (UNP-SC);
  2. Supreme Order of University Legislators (SOUL);
  3. Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections (HOPE) Commission;
  4. Students’ Auditors for Financial Efficacy (SAFE) Commission;
  5. Truthful and Responsible University Student Tribunal (TRUST);
  6. Academic Unit Councils (AUCs);
  7. Academic Unit Council Consultative Assembly (AUC-CA);
  8. Accredited Organizations (AO);
  9. Society for the Protection of the Interests, Rights, Initiatives and Talents of Students (SPIRITS);
  10. Accredited Fraternities (AFs); and
  11. Peaceful, Responsible and Organized Fraternities (PROFrat).


The UNP Student Council

 The UNP-Student Council is the Supreme Student Organization. It shall:

  1. Adopt its own by-laws and internal rules for its governance;
  2. Promote, protect and uphold the democratic rights and general welfare of the students;
  3. Serve as the unifying and motivating force among all student formations and other student groups/activities/programs related to them;
  4. Closely collaborate with the University President, with the immediate Head and Supervisor of the Office of Student     Affairs, on student activities, matters and concerns; and
  5. Operate as the confederation of all Academic Unit Councils.


Functions of the Student Regent

  1. To exercise general supervision and to oversee the close coordination and smooth working relationship of all the formations within the student government and the studentry in general.
  2. To regularly update himself/herself with the concerns of the students through consultation.
  3. Discuss with the University President matters of distinctly inter-collegiate concern with the guidance of the proper            head of the program, director and supervisor of Student Affairs.
  4. Presides over general assemblies of all UNP students and performs the duties and responsibilities required therein.
  5. Performs all other functions as may be assigned to him/her by the University President and the UNP Board of Regents.


The Peaceful, Responsible, and Organized Fraternities (PROFRAT)

 Policy Statements

  1. The university shall recognize the operation of fraternities/sororities within the campus through accreditation and subject to limitations as may be prescribed by law, rules and regulations promulgated by duly constituted authorities.
  2. It is through official membership in the PROFrat Assembly that the accreditation of a fraternity/sorority attains its completeness. Only the fraternity/sorority confirmed by the PROFrat Assembly shall merit full recognition by the university administration.
  3. A fraternity/sorority that shall wilfully deviate from the confirmation of the PROFrat Assembly shall be considered an illegitimate group in the campus.
  4. An accredited fraternity/sorority with a regional, national and international recognition shall attach “UNP Chapter” to its name.
  5. Elementary and Secondary students shall not form and join any fraternity/sorority.
  6. Hazing shall be strictly prohibited in the recruitment and management of fraternity and sorority members.
  7. Alumni members of Fraternities/Sororities shall secure a Visitor’s Pass when entering the university.
  8. The Office of Student Affairs shall only sanction off-campus activities of the recognized fraternity purely initiated by it as a    fraternity school chapter.