The medallion is the present seal of the University. The seal is a circular field, in the center of which is an open book, leaning on a lighted torch, both of which are themselves set on a revolving gear, a symbol of the University’s continuous motion onward to progress. On the book is inscribed the year the institution became a university 1965, by virtue of Republic Act No. 4449; right of the torch’s flame and on the gear are written the years 1906 and 1952, respectively. The year 1906 marked the beginning of UNP as the Vigan Trade School, which in 1952, was converted to the Northern Luzon School of Arts and Trades. On the lower left and right of the gear are tobacco and maguey plants, set like laurel leaves, representing the two major industries of the Ilokanos. At the center below and still on the gear are inscribed the Latin words MANUS COR MENS, which means Hand, Heart, Head, the education of which is the University’s reason for being. Circumscribing the whole design are the name and the location of the University, on a backdrop of green, blue, and gold, the colors of hope, desire and lush fertility. The collar is made of gold, the first so designed, to symbolize the history and the goals of the University of Northern Philippines.