1. Request letter for recognition to operate by the UNP Administration;
  2. Constitution and By-Laws of the Organization;
  3. Duly accomplished Bio-Data of Officers and their Specimen Signatures;
  4. Oath of Commitment of Officers;
  5. Copy of Accomplishment Report of the previous school-year; and
  6. Copy of Financial Report of the previous school year with an Audit Report of the SAFE/Independent Audit Report or Copy of the Audited Transitional  Financial Statement as the case may be.



  1. Submission to the OSA of accomplished application forms and requirements;
  2. Verification and Assessment of Duly Accomplished Application Form and Requirements;
  3. Interview of the Organization’s Officers by the Head of the SC, Organizations and Fraternity Services;
  4. Orientation with the Students’ Auditors for Financial Efficacy (SAFE);
  5. Interview of the organization by the Director of the Student Development Programs;
  6. Interview of the organization by the Vice President for Student and External Affairs and the University President for Approval;
  7. Issuance of Special Order of Adviser; and
  8. Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation and Authority to Operate.