Ten Governance Initiatives Towards Governance and Excellence

  1. Maintenance of High Academic Standards
    1. Intensify the monitoring of academic programs
    2. RE-define the trusts of academic programs in keeping with the local needs and the national agenda
    3. Mainstream the alternative modes of acquiring knowledge
    4. Capacitation of faculty in their respective fields of specialization
    5. Accreditation of all unaccredited programs to at least Level II
    6. Integration of e-learning in all curricular activities even only to the barest minimum
  2. Fostering and Supporting Scholarly Activity and Creative Research
    1. Intensify the research capabilities of the faculty and staff with respect to their disciplines
    2. Institutionalize the knowledge production cycle
    3. Establish a name for the university in the world of authors and inventors
    4. Re-draw the research agenda in keeping the local and national research thrusts
    5. Enhance technologies produced out of research undertakings and gear them towards commercialization
  3. Impartiality of Judgments
    1. Decisions shall based on what is right and lawful, tempered with compassion and protection of human dignity
    2. There shall be no rom for incompetence, mediocrity, and nepotism
    3. Meritocracy shall be institutionalized
    4. Just, fair, and speedy mechanism to resolve disputes shall be employed
  4. Effectiveness of Systems
    1. Relevantize the faculty selection process
    2. Judicious utilization of resources shall be ensured
    3. Prioritization of expenditures shall govern spending
    4. Incisive review of the organizational structure to provide a clear delineation of functions and authorities which shall ultimately draw the managerial competencies of administrators
  5. Accountability to the Stakeholders
    1. Institutionalize a cross-sectional academic planning
    2. Regularize the promotion evaluation of faculty members and support services personnel
    3. Equitable distribution of resources to address the diverse needs of the stakeholders
    4. Consultation and empowerment shall guide the process of policy formulation
    5. Activities of governance shall be anchored on the reality of our collaborative existence
  6. Modernization of Facilities with Emphasis on ICT
    1. Infrastructure projects shall focus on instructional needs
    2. Provision of Laboratory Facilities for all technologies
    3. Computerization of records and processes
  7. Pristine Environment for a World-Class University
    1. Re-draw a Campus Development Master Plan in keeping with the thrust for a world-class university
  8. Boundless Linkages
    1. Intensify tie-ups with local government units and other agencies, as well as other institutions of higher learning here and abroad
    2. Work for sisterhood with other private and state colleges and universities
  9. Mainstream Gender and Development
    1. Intensify the integration of GAD concepts in various curricula
    2. Revisit all existing policies to integrate gender concepts
    3. Continue the on-going activities of the CGAD which are geared towards this end
  10. Promotion and Preservation of Cultural Heritage
    1. Establish the Ethnic Cultural Study Center
    2. Prioritize in the research agency studies that promote and preserve the culture particularly of this part of the archipelago
    3. Take an active role in the cultural preservation programs of the local government units particularly the Heritage City of Vigan