Dr. Manuel A. Bajet Jr.

Most Outstanding Filipino Researcher

PLATINUM Award, Solid Waste Management Practices in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur

GOLD Award, Assessmenet on the Adoption of Locally Band Saw for furniture works in locos Sur


Dr. Mercita Q. Queddeng

DIAMOND Award, Indigenous use, Phytochemical and Antimicrobial study of patani (Phaseoulus lunatus Linn.) Leaves

GOLD Award, Incidence and complications of dental caries among the intermediate pupils in the selected elementary schools in the first district of Ilocos Sur


Engr. Aniceto R. Rialubin

DIAMOND Award, Professionalizing Human Resources: A response to the increasing onslaught of technology


Awarded by IAMURE during the World Research Festival held at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Lahug Cebu City on August 22-25, 2012

From: Vice President for Research and Extension and University Research Center Staff