Level III Re-accredited (Qualified for Level IV)
MA in Education(Major In Educational Management)
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Public Administration
MA in Guidance and Counseling
MA in Teaching (Major: Filipino, English, Practical Arts, Physical education)
Master of Public Administration (Majors: Governmental Administration, Police Administration, Local Government Administration)

Level III Re-accredited (assessment on going to Qualify for Level IV. Revisit All areas)
MA in Mathematics Education
MS in Teaching (Majors: Chemistry, Physics

Level III Re-accredited
MAT Nursing, MAT(major in Health Education), MAN
Bachelor of Elementary Education (Majors: Early Childhood Education, General Education)
Bachelor of Secondary Education (Majors: English, Filipino, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical science, Biological Science, MAPEH)
BS Industrial Education (Majors: Home Economics, Electronics Technology)
BS Nursing
BA Communication
BA Political Science
BS Accountancy
BS in Biology
BS in Business Administration (Majors: Financial Management, Human resource Development Management, Management Accounting) Level III Re-accredited (Qualified for Level IV)
BS in Cooperative Management
BS in Entrepreneurship
BS in Mathematics
BS in Physics
Bachelor of Fine Arts
BS Architecture
BS in Computer Science
BS in Criminology
BS in Industrial Technology ( Majors: Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology)
Doctor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration

Level II Re-accredited (Qualified for Level III)
BS in Civil Engineering

Level II Re-accredited ( Assessment on going to qualify for Level III Revisit Areas II, III, V and VI)
BS in Geodetic Engineering

Level I Accredited ( Waiting for the result, – January 27-30, 2015- Survey Visit)
BS in Hotel and Restaurant Administration
BS in Social Work
BS in Tourism

Level I Accredited
BS in Psychology

Candidate ( Waiting for the result,- January 27-30, 2015- Survey Visit)
BS in Environmental Science
BS in Information Technology
BS in Interior Design
Bachelor Library and Information Science
BS in Sanitary Engineering
BS in Community Health Management Level III Re-accredited