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The Testing Services program focus on obtaining and processing of valid and reliable data for student admission and placement, personality development and adjustment, curriculum development and enhancement, and employee selection and promotion through the administration, scoring, interpretation as well as release of test results of various psychological tests. It shall cater to all students and employees of the university and other institutions and agencies who are in need of psychological evaluation.

1. Administration of the following Admission/Qualifying Tests to Students
a. University of Northern Philippines – College Admission Test
b. Grade VII Qualifying Examination
c. Kindergarten II Qualifying Exam
d. Nursing Aptitude Test
e. Teaching Aptitude Test
f. Law School Qualifying Test
g. Foreign Students’ Admission Test

2. Administration of other Psychological Tests
a. For UNP Students
b. For UNP Employees
c. Other Agencies
d. Other Walk-In Clients

3. Re-issuance of Test Results
a. UNP Admission Tests
b. Other Psychological Tests

NOTE: Provisions on inability to accomplish transaction within standard time.
a. Incomplete requirements/documents.
b. Simultaneous processing of voluminous and different transactions.
c. Conduct of special examination for certain units due to small number of applicants.
d. Unavoidable circumstances/absence of person(s) in-charge.