Goal. To spearhead and coordinate academic related development programs for the University in relation to its global efforts.

Objectives: The Center aims to:

  1. Implement the Blended Education System for Foreign Students (BESFS – Board Resolution Number 19, Series 2012) Program as approved through Board Resolution 74, Series 2013 as its implementing Guidelines
  2. Explore, initiate and negotiate International Linkages and Partnerships, for academic cooperation and collaborations with schools, universities, institutions and centers through:
    • -faculty, staff and student development and exchange programs;
    • -Joint research and extension activities, lectures, workshops, symposia and seminars;
    • -Facilitation of in-country work experience for faculty, staff and students in relevant field of studies;
    • -Exchange of academic materials, scientific publications and other relevant scholarly  information on cultural and scientific interests; and
    • -Other activities for the advancement of global excellence in education, governance, business, technology and health.