Goal: To lay the groundwork for the development of human resources imbued with humanist orientation and who are creative, ethical and socially-involved capable of transforming themselves, the society, and the environment.

Objectives: The Department aims to:

  1. Transform students into socially-involved citizens who recognize, respect and appreciate diversity and fundamental humanity of all;
  2. Enable the students to develop and exercise their talents, rights and responsibilities toward the self and others and contribute meaningfully to the nation and the larger community;
  3. Spur faculty and students to search further into the depths of knowledge, pursue and demonstrate truth, respond to the need to study and solve problems, thus, contribute in providing scientific, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental benefits to the community;
  4. Develop and strengthen extension programs where the faculty and students perform leadership and social responsibility, sense of community, nationhood, and care about the problems that affect the world; and
  5. Improve production thru transparent, accountable, and effective and efficient systems.