Q. When can I enroll?

A. Mark your calendars and follow your scheduled enrollment.

      • August 17-19 – First Year
      • August 20, 24-25 – Second Year
      • August 26-28 – Third Year
      • September 1-2 – Fourth and Fifth Year
      • September 3-4 – Transferees/Shifters/Cross-Enrollees/ Integration
      • September 5 – Graduate Studies

Q. When will be the opening of classes?

A. It will be on September 7, 2020 (Yes, it’s on a Monday)

Q. How will I know if I belong to the list of accepted freshmen applicants?

A. List of accepted freshmen applicants will be posted on the College’s Official Facebook Page.

 Q. As an irregular student, how will I know which subjects to take?

A. Contact your adviser or send your inquiries via the College’s Official Facebook Page.

Q. Do I need to go to the University to enroll?

A. Not necessarily… You can do this online!

Only students 21 years old and above are allowed for on-site/campus enrollment.

If you are below 21 years of age, you can send your parents, guardians, and or authorized representatives to enroll you on your behalf.

Be guided by reading the Guidelines set by the MECQ Quarantine in Vigan City from August 7-21,2020 (Vigan City Executive Order No. 044, S. 2020)

Q. What else do I need to know for on-site enrollment? (PART 1)

A. You need to…

    • Observe our health and safety protocols.
    • Comply with our No face mask/face shield, no entry policy.
    • Bring your pen and alcohol or sanitizer (BYOPAS).
    • Truthfully fill out our contact tracing forms (logbooks)
    • Observe physical distancing and respiratory etiquette.
    • Frequent handwashing at designated wash areas

Q. What else do I need to know for on-site enrollment? (PART 2)

A. If you are suffering from fever, cough, or sore throat, please DO NOT come to the University to enroll.

Let your parents, guardians, and or authorized representatives enroll you on your behalf.

Q. Can we enroll online?

A. YES, absolutely! 

On your scheduled enrolment, fill up the Online Forms posted on the Facebook page of your College.

You can also view subjects to be enrolled and assessment of fees in the online form.

Do not forget to like and share the Official Facebook page of your college.

Q. How many online forms do I need to accomplish?

A. Applicants and enrollees must accomplish the Online Registration Form.

If you are a scholar, you also need to accomplish the SGFS Scholarship form.

Both the Online Registration Form and SGFS Scholarship Form will be posted in the Official Facebook page of your college.

Q. Where can I view my schedule, list of subjects to be enrolled, and assessment of fees?

A. You can view the subjects to be enrolled and assessment of fees when you fill up your Online Registration Form.

Q. How can I settle my balances and pay my fees?

A. For on-site enrollment, you can pay at the Cashiering Unit.

For online transactions, you can pay via Landbank (ePayment Portal or Mobile Banking App), GCash, Paymaya, and Cash Deposit.

Instructions were already posted on this page.

For inquiries, please contact the Cashiering Unit via their Official Facebook page @unpcashieringunit   

Q. Can I use the account (Landbank, GCash, and Paymaya) of my parents, siblings, friends, relatives, or any person to settle my balances and pay for fees?

A. A resounding YES!

Just send a screenshot/picture of your validated transaction and indicate your use of a third party’s account to the Cashiering Unit via their Official Facebook page @unpcashieringunit.  

Q. Since UNP is covered by R.A. 10931, a.ka. Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Act, are there any individual fees to pay?

A. Tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and other fees are FREE! However, there are particular fees to be paid for specific courses and colleges such as:

    • RLE Fees (College of Nursing, 2nd-4th Years)
    • Affiliation Fees (College of Nursing, 2nd-4th Year)
    • CWF (College of Health Sciences, 1st-4th Year BSCHM, 2nd Year BS Midwifery)
    • OJT Fees (all courses, 4th Years)
    • Internship Fees (BSCRIM/BSLEA, BA Public Administration, and BMLS)
    • CADDE Fee (College of Architecture students w/ CADD subject)
    • CAE/CADD Fee (College of Engineering students w/ CAE subject)
    • ARTE Fee (College of Fine Arts students-all levels)

Please note that students on their second course and foreigners are not covered by R.A. 10931.

*We encourage you to enroll and pay online if you have no special fees to pay to avoid crowding of individuals inside the campus

Q. How/when will I know if I am Officially Enrolled?

A. Once the College, Office of the Registrar, and the Cashiering Unit are done processing and validating your enrollment requirements and documents, the list of Officially Enrolled Students will be posted in your College’s Official Facebook page. Email, call, or text shall be utilized to notify students with limited or no access to technology and the Internet.

Q. Is it mandatory to submit my documentary requirements prior to enrollment?

A. Given our current situation (Pandemic), you can send the original with photocopies of the following documentary requirements via Pick-up, Pasabuy, or Courier to the Office of the Registrar within/during the semester:

    • Form 138 or UNP-CAT Result, whichever is applicable based on the College Admission Policy A.Y. 2020-2020
    • of Good Moral Character
    • of Live Birth (PSA)

Q. Are there other requirements I need to settle or comply with?

A. You can settle your Student Council and Mandated Organization Fees during the semester. You can also claim your validated and registered ID card in the same manner.

Q. What mode of learning will be utilized for 1st Sem A.Y. 2020-2021?

A. Flexible Learning – mix modes of sending you physical copies of modules, giving you access to online synchronous/asynchronous portals/platforms, productivity tools, and learning materials, and providing you other supplemental means for distance and remote learning. Watch out for Official Announcements regarding the conduct of flexible learning.