1.Accreditation of Programs

a.From only two programs that are still within the duration of validity in 2011 to the present status of 100% (11/11) accredited programs in Advance Education (Graduate Studies) and 88% (30/34) accredited programs in Higher Education (Baccalaureate Programs) resulting to an overall status of 91% of the different program offerings of the University are now accredited. The University is preparing for Institutional Accreditation.
b.From merely nine (9) faculty members in 2011 to 38 faculty who are now trained and assigned to different SUCs as accredtitors.
c.There are eight (8) programs in Advance Education with Level III re-accredited (qualified for level IV) status and 13 programs in Higher Education with Level III re-accredited status

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2.International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The University has accomplished two steps in the establishment of ISO 9001:2008 – aligned Quality Management System. There were 23 participants to the training consisting of some executive officials and Heads of Units. This endeavour started the establishment of policies related to quality where the services of the University meet the needs and requirements of our customers, free from defect and deficiencies and conforms to standards.

3.Performance in PRC Licensure Examinations

The average passing percentage of licensure examination by the University graduates is higher by an average of 18.74% over that of the national average passing percentage passing across disciplines in the last three years. Intervention programs were introduced and implemented by the President to improve the performance of University graduates in board examinations such as accreditation, regular visits, enhancement and improvement of curricula and syllabi, mock reviews, qualifying examinations and faculty development. The University has produced seven (7) topnotchers in the last four years.


4.Invested in new professional programs of high demand resulting to a total of 16 colleges with the establishment of three (3) additional Colleges (College of Medicine, College of Public Administration & College of Hospitality & Tourism Management) and four (4) Departments.


5.On Faculty and Staff Profile

During the assessment in March 2013, the University has only 17% of the faculty who earned their doctorate degrees and this is one criteria that the University cannot meet to sustain its present level IV status. However, due to the leadership and programs of the President in Advance Education, there are presently 24% or 85 of the faculty who earned their doctorate degrees which is above the 19% requirement for SUC Level IV and 64% or 229 of the faculty who earned their master’s degrees.

6.Faculty/Staff Development (FSD) Program

The University provided financial support (including the provision of P150.00 meal allowance and free transportation) to faculty members who are interested and committed to finish their advance education. There are presently 61 faculty and 5 non-teaching personnel who are presently enrolled in their master’s and doctorate programs and there are more than 20 faculty members who have finished their doctorate degrees under the FSDC since 2012.

7.Rationalization of Academic Programs by embarking on Vertical Articulation.