1. Intensified the research capabilities of the faculty. From merely 18 of the faculty members who were involved in research in 2011, there are now 87 faculty members with completed researches which were presented in national and international fora and conferences. A number of these researches were published in international refereed research journals.


2. Expanded the research culture throughout the university In the last three years where 216 researches were completed, 138 researches presented and published and 50 faculty were awarded as outstanding researchers/research leaders including the President.

3. Increased research partnerships and collaborated with national and international research institutions.

4. Establish the name of the university in the world of inventors with the approved patent of a Utility Model – Bagoong Squeezer.

5. The University hosted several international and national multidisciplinary research conferences and research colloquium.

6. The budget for research increased by almost 49% from 6,095,695.19 to 9,088,721.93 in 2014.