1. Establishment of 21 international linkages and academic partners in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria for consultancy and technical experts, joint conduct of trainings, seminars, conferences and researches, faculty and student exchange and facilitate double degree programs.
  2. Widened the geographical area that the University can provide extension projects with a total of 215 national/regional/Provincial/ Local linkage that reached out to almost 58,000 beneficiaries.
  3. Almost 100% of the faculty are involved in extension projects and activities such as in the conduct of skills training, technology transfer, information drive/seminars, technical consultancy services, medical missions, “handog pamasko” and capability building programs benefiting almost 20,000 poor and marginalized beneficiaries.



4. Facilities like books, laboratory equipment, vehicles, and office equipment were donated to the University as a result of healthy linkages.
5. A parcel of lot was donated as a result of boundless linkages.
6. Lidlidda Extension classes were opened.