Policy Statement. The Office of Institutional Student Programs shall provide services and programs designed to pro-actively respond to the basic health, food, shelter, and safety concerns of students including students with special needs and disabilities and the school.

The Director. The Director of Institutional Student Programs shall be appointed by the President. He/ She shall:

  1. Supervise, plan, direct, monitor and evaluate the Institutional Student Programs;
  2. Coordinate the operation of units in charge of Testing Services, Scholarships and Financial Assistance, Social-Community Involvement and Multi-Faith Services, International Students Services, Admission and Registrar’s Office, Food, Health, Safety and Housing Services and Student’s Extra Curricular Activities subject to the general supervision of and under such regulations as may be promulgated by the Vice President for Student and External Affairs;
  3. Act as the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Committee of the University;
  4. Act as member of the Administrative Council that considers matters concerning the state of the University, recommend policies and procedures affecting the institutional student programs and the studentry;
  5. Recommend to the Vice President for Student and External Affairs activities related to the institutional student programs;
  6. Coordinate with the Deans of Academic Units re-conduct of co-curricular activities;
  7. Conduct of research and extension activities; and
  8. Perform other related functions.

Testing Services. The Testing Services Office shall focus on obtaining and processing of valid and reliable data for student admission and placement, personality development and adjustment, educational/vocational and employee selection and promotion through the administration, scoring, interpretation as well as release of results of various psychological tests. It shall cater to the needs of all students and employees of the university as well as clients from other agencies and institutions who are in need of psychological evaluation.

Scholarships  and Financial Assistance. This service unit shall be in charge of the different scholarships and educational grants/privileges offered to students either by the university, the national government or by any interested individual, group of persons or company. It shall be tasked with the management, generation and/or allocation of funds for scholarship and financial aid to deserving students.

Social-Community Involvement and Multi-Faith Services (SCMFS). This office shall provide programs and opportunities designed to develop social awareness, personal internalization and meaningful contribution to nation-building. It shall work for the provision of an environment conducive to free expression of one’s religious orientation in accordance with institutional        principles and policies.

International Students Services. The Office shall give assistance to the foreign students. It shall cater to the socio-psycho-cultural and non-academic needs of international students.

Services for Students with Special Needs.  This office shall be in charge in providing equal opportunities to Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), indigenous people, solo parents, etc. (academic accommodation for learners with special needs).

Food, Health, Safety and Housing Services. This service unit shall ensure an available, adequate, safe and healthful food within the campus and immediate vicinity in accordance with the food, safety and sanitation guidelines of the Department of Health. It shall provide primary health care and wellness program to all students. It shall also be in charge in the provision of a safe and secure environment and that of the members of the academic community. This Office shall conduct activities to address disaster risk reduction and management concerns. It shall also provide assistance to ensure access to accommodation that is safe and conducive to learning.