Policy Statement. The Office of Student Development Programs shall offer services designed for the exploration, enhancement, development and deepening of the student’s full potential for personal development, leadership skills and social responsibility through various institutional and/or student-initiated activities.

The Director. The Director for Student Development Programs shall be appointed by the President. He/ She shall:

  1. Supervise, plan, direct, monitor and evaluate the Student Development Programs;
  2. Coordinate the operation of unit in charge of Student Government, Organizations and Activities, Student Discipline, Student Publications, Student Training and Exchange and Student’s Extra Curricular Activities subject to the general supervision of and under such regulations as may be promulgated by the Vice President for Student and External Affairs;
  3. Act as the Ex-Officio Chairman of the Committee on student organizations and all other services under the Student Development Programs;
  4. Establish meaningful and substantive linkages with government and non-government agencies especially in the promotion of student’s development;
  5. Act as member of the Administrative Council that considers matters concerning the state of the University, recommend policies and procedures affecting the student development programs and the studentry;
  6. Recommend to the Vice President for Student and External Affairs co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of students;
  7. Coordinate with the Deans of Academic Units re-conduct of co-curricular activities;
  8. Conduct of research and extension activities;
  9. Perform other related functions

Student Government, Organizations and Activities. The office shall offer services which aspire to extend encouragement and assistance to the existence and operation of all student formations and their components. It shall cater to all the extra-curricular interests of the students and unites all student-centered concerns and activities by providing them avenues in the form of trainings, empowerment, participation in decision-making processes, exposures and opportunities for interaction. The program shall likewise provide students with facilities, incentives and other institutional supports that help develop their personalities, talents, potentials and skills.

Student Discipline. This service recognizing the importance of right conduct and discipline of the students in their pursuit of education shall be in charge of the judicious implementation of the Institutional Student Code of Conduct and Discipline.

Student Publications. This service shall encourage, support and promote the establishment of student publications as provided in the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.

Student Training and Exchange. This office shall offer training programs including those that develop and enhance leadership effectiveness, and scout opportunities for student international exposure and exchange.