Policy Statement. The Office of Student Welfare Programs shall provide assistance necessary to serve, ensure and promote the well-being of students.

The Director. The Director for Student Welfare Programs shall be appointed by the President. He/ She shall:

  1. Supervise, plan, direct, monitor and evaluate the Student Welfare Programs;
  2. Coordinate the operation of unit in charge of Information and Orientation Services, Guidance and Counselling Services, Career and Job Placement Services, Economic Enterprise Development Services and Student’s Extra Curricular Activities subject to the general supervision of and under such regulations as may be promulgated by the Vice President for Student and External Affairs;
  3. Establish meaningful and substantive linkages with government and non-government agencies especially in the promotion of student’s welfare;
  4. Act as member of the Administrative Council that considers matters concerning the state of the University, recommend policies and procedures affecting the student welfare programs and the studentry;
  5. Recommend to the Vice President for Student and External Affairs co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that will promote the welfare of students;
  6. Coordinate with the Deans of Academic Units re-conduct of co-curricular activities;
  7. Conduct of research and extension activities; and
  8. Perform other related functions.

Information and Orientation Services. The Office of Information and Orientation Services shall offer informative activities and materials designed to facilitate student adjustment to life in tertiary/higher education.

Guidance and Counseling Services. The Guidance and Counseling Office shall offer services to meet the needs and interests of each student. It focuses the objectives of education in the individual in his personal-social, academic/educational, and career/vocational areas. Further, it shall endeavor to help the student to become a secured, self-directed and self-sufficient individual through the implementation of individual and/or group interventions.

Career and Job Placement Services.The Office of the Career and Job Placement Services shall be responsible for the orientation to the world of work and in generating employment opportunities for graduating students and unemployed graduates of the university. It shall also responsible in giving graduating students the right knowledge, skills and aptitude to meet corporate expectations and place them in reputed public and private employers and industries based on their expected job profiles.

Economic Enterprise Development Services. The Office of Economic Enterprise Development Services shall cater to the other economic needs of students such as but not limited to student cooperatives, entrepreneurial, income generating projects, and savings.