Official Webpage: Office of the External Affairs and International Relations

Policy Statement. The Office shall promote and spearhead local, national, international collaborations and  mutual cooperation for the advancement of knowledge/ skills and intellectual development of non-teaching staff, faculty, students, and client; The office shall complement and enhance the delivery and implementation of research and extension activities and encourage reciprocal participation in educational congresses, conferences, workshops, symposiums, trainings courses and exhibits in areas of mutual interest.

Goal. The External Affairs Office aims to foster local, national and international partnerships and linkages and initiate the development and growth of UNP as a global academic institution.

The Director. The Director for External and International Relations shall be appointed by the President. The Director shall:

  1. Assist in the development and growth of the university as a global academic institution
  2. Establish cooperation, partnerships and linkages of the university with national and local government units, civil society, national and international institutions.
  3. Represent the university in meetings, conferences and other activities;
  4. Coordinate with the deans, directors and heads of offices related to their participation in the different activities outside the university;
  5. Receive and coordinate the activities of university visitors; and
  6. Perform other related functions

Center for the International Muslim Studies. The Center for International and Muslim Studies shall promote and develop a better appreciation and understanding of Multi and Muslim culturalism and conduct activities along Muslim and International activities related to education, public administration and business.

Center for Human Rights Education and Human Development Advocacies. The Center shall coordinate and spearhead human development & advocacy programs and activities related to human rights, drug and peace education, cultural preservation and other related activities; forge partnership and agreements with civil society and other concerned government agencies and promote volunteerism and citizens’ engagement.

Philippine Science Consortium and Environmental Advocacy Office.  The Office shall represent the university in PSC Council and Secretariat and environmental advocacy meetings; coordinate and promote activities such as seminars, training, conferences and competitions related to science, mathematics, technology and the environment.

Association of State Colleges and Universities – Solid North Office.  The Office shall coordinate and spearhead the conduct of sports, academic & cultural activities of ASCU-SN members and other activities of mutual interest among the members.

The Alumni Affairs Office.. The Office shall Initiate and implement programs to enhance alumni-related affairs for the mutual benefit of the alumni and the university and provide assistance in the planning, preparation, and implementation of the programs and activities of the UNP Federated Alumni Association (UNPFAA).