Twenty programs from seven colleges were awarded with the Certificate of Program Compliance, granted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), during the flag ceremony on 21 September 2020.

Per CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 14, s. of 2019, the Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) recognizes the programs being offered by universities and colleges “are fully compliant with the policies, standards, and guidelines [PSGs] of CHED.”

In addition, the same CMO states that having the COPC proves that programs are quality assured.

Officials of the Commission on Higher Education–Regional Office I (CHED–ROI) visited the University on 03 March 2020 and evaluated the compliance of its degree programs to CHED Memorandum Orders (CMOs). These CMOs set out the PSGs which include requirements along curriculum, faculty, resources, and laboratory.

All the undergraduate programs of the College of Teacher Education were granted the COPC. The College is headed by Dr. Christopher Bueno (dean) and Dr. Ma. Teresa Susan L. Manzano. The programs, along with their heads, are: Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Dr. Leilani R. Raquepo), Bachelor of Elementary Education (Dr. Eleuteria R. Pacpaco), Bachelor of Physical Education (Dr. Matilde Concordia), Bachelor of Secondary Education (majors in English, Filipino, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) (Dr. Mark Angelo R. Reotutar), Bachelor of Special Needs Education (Dr. Flordelina Gallardo), and Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education and Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (Dr. Jeanina Batin).

Three programs of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy, headed by Prof. Johnny R. Rialubin (dean) and Dr. Erwin T. Tolbe (assistant dean), were granted certificates. The programs, along with their heads, are: BS in Business Administration (Prof. Corazon Urbis and Dr. Scott Jason Llanes), BS Entrepreneurship (Dr. Richel Royce T. Chan), and BS Cooperative Management (Prof. Melvin Laureta).

Five programs of the College of Arts and Sciences, under Dr. Remedios T. Navarro (dean) and Dr. Grace Garcia and Dr. Jean S. Dumbrique (assistant deans), were awarded with the certificate. The programs and their heads are: BA Political Science (Prof. Crizzle Paz), BS Physics (Prof. Redentor Rojas), BS Mathematics (Dr. Joseph G. Taban), BS Psychology (Prof. Pecious Lyn C. Babida) and BS Environmental Science (Dr. Christy Villanueva).

The BS Industrial Technology of the College of Technology was also recognized. The dean of the College is Dr. Manuel A. Bajet Jr., and the assistant dean is Prof. Allen Magdaleno de Vera. The heads of the program, including the specialization they steer, are Dr. Julius Moises Albalos (Electrical), Prof. Nelson A. Bajet (Electronics), and Prof. Karlo R. Real (Automotive).

Two programs of the College of Communication and Information Technology, headed by Prof. Rosanne S. Agup (dean) and Prof. Angelito Ramos (assistant dean) were granted with the COPC. These are BS Computer Science (headed by Dr. Paraluman Ma. Fatima Pesito) and BS Information Technology (headed by Dr. Jennyfer Alasaas)

The BS Architecture of the College of Architecture was also granted with the certificate. The College is led by Ar. Fatima Nicetas R. Alonzo (dean) and Ar. Monserrat Stevens Pescador (assistant dean).

The BS Social Work of the College of Social Work was also recognized. The College is headed by Prof. Melody T. Gacita (dean) and Prof. Aurora Quero (assistant dean).

This achievement of the programs is on top of maintaining their accreditation status as hallmark of the quality and excellence in the services they offer to students.