Policy Statements

  1. Every Academic Unit Council shall maintain an office conducive for work and activities as provided for by the academic unit.
  2. The Student  Council and/or  the Office of  Student  Affairs  may provide an office for major student formations, commissions and confederations as called for by the nature of their operations and functions or as the needs arise.
  3. Any activity initiated or sponsored by a recognized student organization shall be considered only as “authorized” if it has secured the approval of the university through prescribed forms and standard operating procedures.
  4. Recognized student organizations or groups shall be allowed to raise funds for the realization of legitimate projects, subject to rules formulated by the university.
  5. Student organizations, fraternities and sororities shall practice collaboration and linkaging in the implementation of activities that benefit all the students especially those programs of the same    nature.
  6. Semestral, Annual and Audit Reports, among others, shall be complied with as a condition for student organizations and fraternities/sororities for their continued operation, recognition and    accreditation in the succeeding semesters.


Operationalizing Student Activities

  1. The Operational Plan (OP) shall be prepared by the President/Head of the Organization (with a countersign of the Secretary) and noted by the organization adviser.
  2. An OP shall be submitted in three copies: copy of the Office of Student Affairs; copy of the Organization to be submitted to the Dean’s Office at the end of the school year; and an extra copy for other purposes.
  3. A copy of the duly and completely approved OP shall be submitted to the OSA at least a day before the conduct of the activity.
  4. No OP shall be entertained after the actual conduct of the activity.
  5. The OSA shall reserve the right to deny any request or withdraw any permit of the activity if it is not in keeping with the objectives and policies of the university.


Requisites for the synchronization of student activities

  1. Two separate and distinct student organizations undertaking a joint-activity/project shall prepare and submit for approval one OP with the two organizations as its heading and the presidents, advisers and respective deans as signatories.
  2. The UNP-SC shall ipso facto take charge of coordinating and spearheading events/programs/projects of the same nature sponsored by several student organizations for synchronization purposes.


Rules and procedures on resource-generation undertakings

  1. Student organizations shall be entitled to one major fund raising activity per semester.
  2. Application to hold a fund-raising project shall be initiated through a Request Letter addressed to the University President duly accompanied by the following documents:
  3. Operational Plan
  4. Project Proposal
  5. The student organization concerned may be required by the OSA to secure permit from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
  6. A progress report of the resource-generation project duly certified by the adviser and Dean of the College and a financial report of it as audited by the  SAFE shall  be submitted to the  SCOFS     within ten (10) working days after the conduct of the activity.
  7. Non-submission of the above reports shall be a sufficient ground for the non-recognition or reaccreditation of the organization.
  8. All contracts, memoranda of agreement or understanding related to the fund-raising activity must be duly reviewed by the OSA and concerned offices of the university before they are officially entered into.


Solicitation rules and procedures

  1. All forms of solicitation shall be duly authorized by the University Administration.
  2. Solicitation letters shall be numbered for control.
  3. The OSA may require that a Solicitation Permit from the local DSWD or from the local Chief Executive (Mayor) be secured.
  4. Lists of items and donations solicited should be submitted together with the Financial Report for proper recording.
  5. Solicitations must be acknowledged.