Policy Statement. The University Research Office (URO) upholds the conduct of functional researches along identified commodity areas: Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resources; Science & Technology; Education; Social Sciences; Industry and Energy; and Health & Nutrition. The office shall coordinate, undertake, monitor and evaluate various research and other related activities.

The Office shall:

  1. Direct planning, implementation and evaluation of research programs and activities to insure the effective development of packages of technologies to help respond to local/regional/national and even global needs.
  2. Coordinate with the academic units of the University and related agencies to bring about inter program/agency complementation in the conduct of research and efficient utilization through functional management system; and
  3. Represent the University in appropriate bodies/offices in meetings, and resolve problems based on established policies and sound management practices of research activities.

Functions. There shall be Area Research Coordinators for the different commodities to be designated by the President. They will take charge of the different research activities along their field of specialization.

The Coordinator for In-House Review and Editor-in-Chief of the Research Publication shall review research proposals submitted to the University Research Office and review manuscripts for publication and presentation.

The Head of the Statistical Services Office shall provide the following services: Data Management; Data Processing; Encoding, Formatting, and Printing; Internet Researching; and Reproduction of thesis and Dissertations. The Office shall provide statistical assistance to graduate and undergraduate students particularly to those who are conducting research, and to faculty members in the university who are conducting research.

Statistical Services Office. There shall be a vital university-wide statistical office to cater to the statistical needs of the students and faculty. The Office shall consist of the Head, an Assistant Head, and an Office Assistant.

Coordinator for Research Ethics shall work together with the researchers, research office staff and research ethics committee about the requirements of the ethics procedure; spearhead the review process of the research and see to it that researchers follow strictly the procedures; and responsible in providing certificate that the research pass through research ethics committee.

Unit Research Coordinators shall be research coordinators in the different academic units to be designated by the concerned deans who shall take charge of the different research activities in their respective academic units. The coordinator initiates the review of research proposals submitted by the faculty of the college and sees to it that the proposals are within the University Research Agenda.  He shall also act as liaison officer between the unit and the University Research Center in order to attain a more realistic collaborative implementation of the research function of the university geared towards the production of more scientific and competitive researches.