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The College of Communication and Information Technology (CCIT) is the University’s provider of quality education along Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and library and information science. The College traces its foundation in 1987, when the University, under the administration of Dr. Dorotea Campos-Filart, started to offer its first computer diploma program, the One-Year Computer Technology, through an agreement with a private computer college, the Data Center Philippines, Inc. (DCPI). Dr. Milagros R. Remular was then assigned as Coordinator of Computer Education. When Dr. Lauro B. Tacbas became the UNP President in 1998, the joint project with DCPI ended, with the University Computer Center taking over the offering of the core and major courses for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) and the One-Year Computer Technology (CompTech) programs in the University, as well as the basic computer courses for the majority of degree programs in the University. On June 30, 1999, Dr. Remular was designated as the first Director of the Computer Center.

CCIT ICT Week Celebration

The CCIT ICT Week Celebration for students is an event of paramount significance in the world of technology and digitalization. This annual event is organized to promote the use and relevance of technology in various fields. It has a rich tradition of providing students with numerous opportunities to explore and master the ever-evolving domains of digital technologies. The event involves conducting a series of activities such as seminars, workshops, and competitions, designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of students in the digital age.
These activities instill confidence and encourage students to think boldly and critically, and to come up with innovative solutions. This platform offers a plethora of opportunities for students from different schools and universities to participate in various contests such as app development, coding challenges, and other tech-related competitions. The icing on the cake is the chance for students to interact with industry professionals, technology experts, and other students with shared interests, to gain knowledge and insights into the world of technology. In sum, the CCIT ICT Week Celebration for students is indeed a grand event that helps students showcase their talent, expand their horizons, and embark on a new journey of digital knowledge and creativity.

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PREXC 2023 Accomplishment Report Highlights

PREXC 2023 Accomplishment Report Highlight OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT   University of Northern Philippines 3rd Floor- Admin Building, Tamag, Vigan, Ilocos Sur (077) 722-2810 op@unp.edu.ph

UNP joins network with Phl, Canada HEIs

UNIVERSITY NEWS UNP joins network with Phl, Canada HEIs Keeping up with its internationalization initiatives, the University of Northern Philippines is one of the parties

International Plastic Bag Free Day

EVENTS 3 July: International Plastic Bag Free Day There is hardly an inch of ocean trash-free due to the widespread presence of plastic in our


The CCIT Faculty offers excellent education and training in computing, communication, and information technology. They offer quality programs, taught by experienced educators to develop vital skills. These experts keep up-to-date with digital technologies, ensuring practical and relevant learning. Modern computer labs, research opportunities, and professional development are available to support student journeys. Achieve your career goals with CCIT.

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The College of Communication and Information Technology (CCIT) has the mandated and accredited student organizations. The mandated student organization of the college is the Association of Communication and Technology Students (ACTS). The accredited organization are the Computer Science Society (CSS), Library Information Science Student Association (LISSA), Society of Information Technology Students (SITS).


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