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About Us

Students of the University of Northern Philippines are free to exercise their right to association by forming themselves into either mandated or accredited organizations. The university recognizes the existence of three (3) major types of
organizations: the Supreme Student Organization or the Student Council, the Mandated Organization or Local Council and the Accredited Organization or
Interest Group.

The Nasaririt Shark Store

The University Administration, together with the UNP Student Council, formally opened the UNP Nasaririt Shark Store through a blessing ceremony on October 26. Located at the ground floor of the Student Center, the store sells merch products such as shirts, umbrellas, fans, and lanyards, mostly made by students. It will serve as an income-generating project of the UNP Student Council.

News and Announcements

UNP CN conducts mock board exams

UNIVERSITY NEWS UNP CN conducts mock board exams   The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) College of Nursing (CN) conducts mock board examination as part

UNP-SC launches gender neutral uniform

UNIVERSITY NEWS UNP-SC launches gender neutral uniform   The University of Northern Philippines Student Council (UNP-SC) has taken a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and

The UNP Student Government Structure

The University of Northern Philippines takes pride to be one of the few institutions of higher learning that sustains a structure of Student Government that responds to a pluralistic academic community.

The UNP student government is structured as follows: the Executive Branch which is the Student Council (SC) and the Legislative Branch, the Supreme Order of University Legislators (SOUL). The latter is composed of student representatives from the different Academic units of the university. The Academic Unit Councils (AUCs or Mandated Student Organizations), the chairperson of the Society for the Protection of the Interests, Rights, Initiatives and Talents of Students (SPIRITS or the confederation of Accredited Student-Sectoral Organizations), and the chairperson of the Peaceful, Responsible and Organized Fraternities (PROFrat or the confederation of Accredited Fraternities and Sororities). It also provides powers for independent Constitutional Commissions to act on particular areas of system regulation such as the efficiency and transparency of the UNP-SC and its subdivisions, by Student Auditors’ for Financial Efficacy (SAFE) Commission); the administration and enforcement of all laws and measures relative to the conduct of honest, orderly and peaceful student elections, through the Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Elections (HOPE) Commission; and the judicious implementation of the UNP-SC Constitution and the rules and regulations stated at the Student Code of Conduct and Discipline, under the guard of the Truthful and Responsible University Student Tribunal (TRUST) Commission.

Each formation operates according to the all-embracing principles of democratic, evocative and participatory leadership, integrity and transparency, unity and synergy, promoting campus peace and keeping abreast with technology.


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