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In 1967, the College of Nursing was created in accordance with the UNP Board Resolution No. 109 S. 1967 in collaboration with Gabriela Silang General Hospital. In the following year, it started to offer a five-year program leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with Liberal Arts as its pre-nursing course. There were a total number of 10 pioneer students under the administration of the first Dean, Ms. Florencia Pagador. Five years after, the 10 pioneer batch graduated with a 100% passing mark in the 1972 Nurses’ Board Examination (NBE)

Case Study Seminar

A seminar on how to make a Case Study is conducted for BSN Level II students. A case study that presents an in-depth study of the health condition of a patient is a requirement of BSN students for their Related Learning Experience (RLE) activity.

Capping, Pinning, and Candle Lighting Ceremonies

This is a significant event for nursing students. The students receive their cap and pin as a symbol of their initial initiation into the world of nursing.

Gender-Related Activities

This activity promotes gender equality and deals with issues brought on by strictly established gender norms.

Acquaintance Party

This provides the nursing students the chance to introduce themselves and get to know other students in the college.

Cultural Activities

This activity aids in presenting Filipino and Ilocano traditions and practices to nursing students. Additionally, it gives an opportunity to jointly appreciate the characteristics that define the community, culture, and individuality.

Testimonial Program

Testimonial Program is an event where successful nursing board passers are given the opportunity to celebrate their achievements. Also, it serves as a venue wherein nursing students can be inspired and learn from the stories of those who recently passed the board exam.

Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE)

This activity allows a nursing student to practice and demonstrate nursing skills in a standardized clinical scenario.

Oral Revalida

This activity is a practical test to assess the learnings gained by the nursing students in lectures, skills laboratory, and clinical laboratory.

Case Presentation

This activity demonstrates a nursing student’s knowledge and skills related to the management of health conditions.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Manaoag

A pilgrimage to Our Lady of Manaoag is conducted for graduating students as spiritual nourishment and to ask for divine intervention for the nursing board exam.

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UNP Volunteerism 2024

UNIVERSITY NEWS UNP Alumnus receives “The Social Science Plaque” award from the Philippine Military Academy’s Bagong Sinag Class of 2024 The University of Northern Philippines


Our college has a diverse and accomplished faculty with extensive expertise in nursing and health. They are passionate educators dedicated to helping students develop practical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for success. With our expert faculty, students can be assured of receiving quality education that prepares them to succeed in real-world endeavors.

Our Students

The College of Nursing has an active mandated student organization and a publication. These are the Nursing Students’ Organization (NSO) and Nightingale Publication.

Our Graduates

Assistant Nurse Manager , Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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"The values of UNPians are embedded in my DNA as an alumnus of the University of Northern Philippines. Along with quality education and valuable experience, UNP helped me break barriers in the United Arab Emirates to my journey in nursing leadership as a Filipino, a Bigueño, and a proud UNPian advocating for excellence in professional nursing practice. Academic freedom and giving students the opportunities they truly deserve are the things I sincerely appreciate in the College of Nursing. I encourage every graduate of the University to seize these opportunities to explore their potential to succeed in their professional endeavors."
Faculty, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Yale University School of Nursing, Director of Nursing Excellence/Magnet Recognition, New York-Presbyterian Hospital
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"I am a proud and grateful graduate of the University of Northern Philippines (BSN Class of 1996 and first batch in the Master of Arts in Teaching Nursing, Class of 1998). I also served as a faculty member from 1998-2004. During my time at UNP, the curriculum was balanced, relevant, and validated through a rigorous higher education accreditation process. My rich experiences as a student spanned from receiving high-quality didactic classroom and clinical education to rewarding immersion in the community. A clear strength that I saw and one that I can attest to up to this day was the education I received focused on conducting research studies. Every student who finishes the BSN program sees the entire research process. Since graduating from my BSN and master’s programs at UNP, I had the opportunity to work and obtain further education in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. I completed my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from the Johns Hopkins University. Most recently, I was appointed as a lecturer for the DNP program at Yale School of Nursing. My full-time role is with New York-Presbyterian, a top-ranking academic medical center in the US, affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools (Columbia University & Cornell University). In each of these institutions, I felt fully prepared for the job expectations and the rigor of the academic program. UNP had successfully forged the path for me to succeed in every aspect of my professional advancement."


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