The University of Northern Philippines is committed to providing students with the highest quality education in preparation for a professional career and life. Our degree programs are designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge needed to apply their theoretical knowledge in the real world. We are guided by the UNP-OBE Framework to provide quality and excellent instruction.

College of Business Administration and Accountancy
*BS in Accountancy85HS General Average – 85% or higher
*BS in Business Administration75HS General Average – 80% or higher
BS in Entrepreneurship75HS General Average – 80% or higher
BS in Cooperative Management75HS General Average – 80% or higher
College of Arts and Sciences
*BA in Communication75N/A
BA in Political Science75N/A
*BS in Psychology75N/A
*BS in Biology75N/A
BS in Biology (Marine)75N/A
*BS in Environmental Science75N/A
*BS in Mathematics75Grade in Math – 80% or higher
*BS in Physics75N/A
College of Communication and Information Technology
*BS in Computer Science80N/A
*BS in Information Technology78N/A
*Bachelor of Library & Information Science78N/A
College of Hospitality and Tourism Management
*BS in Hospitality Management75HS General Average – 80% or higher Height Requirement: MALE – 5 ft, 4 in, FEMALE – 5 ft, 2 in Medical Certificate of Physical Fitness; Hepatitis B Screening
*BS in Tourism Management75Height Requirement: Male – 5 ft, 3 inches, Female – 5 ft, 2 inches
College of Nursing
BS in Nursing87Preferably from the STEM strand Medical Certificate (fit to study) with Laboratory Exam Result (CBC, Urinalysis), Blood Type
College of Health Sciences
*BS in Medical Laboratory Science85Medical Certificate Laboratory Test (CBC, Urinalysis, HBsAG, Fecalysis, Chest X-ray, Drug Test, Anti HBs, Sputum Microscopy, Vaccination (Hepatitis & Tuberculosis)
*BS in Midwifery78N/A
BS in Emergency Health Services75N/A
College of Criminal Justice Education
*BS in Criminology80HS General Average – 80% or higher Graduates of HUMMS & GAS strands Height Requirement: MALE & FEMALE – 5ft. Note: Members of IP who do not meet the height requirement shall secure CERTIFICATION from the National Commission of Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) Medical Certificate of Physical Fitness (Chest X-ray, ECG Result, Hepatitis B Screening, Ishihara Test)
College of Social Work
*BS in Social Work80N/A
College of Public Administration
Bachelor of Public Administration75N/A
College of Engineering
*BS in Civil Engineering83HS General Average – 83% or higher Grades in all Math subjects – 80% or higher
*BS in Sanitary Engineering78
*BS in Geodetic Engineering78
College of Architecture
*BS in Architecture80STEM Graduates (will take the straight BS Archi/BS Envi Plan Curriculum) HUMMS & ABM graduates, Arts & Design Track Graduates (will take the Bridging Program of the BS Archi/BS Envi Plan Curriculum) & ABOVE AVERAGE Architecture Aptitude Test Result
*BS in Environmental Planning80
College of Fine Arts and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting75N/A
Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Visual Communication75N/A
*BS in Interior Design75N/A
College of Teacher Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education80HS General Average of 85%
*Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
*Bachelor of Special Needs Education (Generalist)
Bachelor of Special Needs Education with Specialization in Early Childhood
Bachelor of Secondary Education (major areas: English, Filipino, Social Studies, *Science, *Mathematics)
**Bachelor of Physical Education
**Bachelor of Technical-Vocational Teacher Education (major areas: Electronics Technology, Industrial Arts)
**Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (major areas: Home Economics, Industrial Arts)
College of Technology
BS in Industrial Technology (major areas: Automotive, Electronics, Electrical)75GWA of at least 80% for major in Electronics Technology
BS in Mechatronics and Automation Technology75GWA of at least 80%
Legend:     * – CHED Priority Program       ** – Regional Priority Program Note: Cut-off scores for some programs may change for A.Y. 2022-2023.  Changes, if any, will be posted prior to the date of interview and enrollment.  Other requirements like Medical Certificate and Good Moral Character will be submitted during the enrollment