By Irene Abigail S. Guerrero

The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) welcomed Prof. Dr. Suyadi Suyadi, the Secretary General of Deans of the State University Association in Indonesia, the Dean of the Faculty Training and Education and the Executive Assistant to the President for Internationalization Program of the University of Borneo, as he delivered a professorial lecture in the afternoon of September 4. This is part of the Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia Program (SEA-Teacher Project).

Dr. Suyadi talked about worldviews, and how these affect the organization’s path to achieving excellence. He emphasized the importance of enriching society-driven initiatives as we thread on the 4th Industrial Revolution where the integration of the online world with industrial products is now emerging.

Part from this, he also reiterated the need to develop 21st century skills and literacies as well as basic skills such as literacy and numeracy, communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, information/digital literacy, inquiry/reasoning skills, interpersonal skills, multicultural/multilingual literacy, problem solving skills, and technology skills. With this, he introduced growth mindset as a starting point.

A growth mindset greatly impacts academic performance of both learners and educators. Dr. Suyadi mentions that we need to take courage and venture into creative and, at times, even divergent paths to be able to create opportunities for growth and positive change. Thus, there is a call to disrupt what we know for something better toemerge.

The professorial lecture was attended by the members of the University administrative
council. An open forum followed the lecture.

Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, UNP President, stressed the significance of integrating technology in our teaching and institutional processes. He pointed out that as the University prepares for internationalization, its faculty, staff, and students need to be able to be skill and technology-savvy.

Through the event, the attendees are able to embrace a new perspective of hope and positivity, and thus gear to develop a culture of flourishing worldviews and a growth mindset.