The University of Northern Philippines (UNP) welcomed personnel from the Strategy Management Office of the Bataan Peninsula State University on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. The delegation was headed by Dr. Sherrilyn B. Quintos, the Office Head; Ma. Crisanta C. Casupanan, Initiative Manager; Ma. Sofia Keiji R. Santos, Scorecard and Alignment Officer; Rachelle Anne V. Buenaventura, Data Controller; Marvin Roy B. Bitantes, Information Technology Officer; and Ceejay O. Porgatorio, Communications Officer.

The delegation was met by Dr. Shareen Navarro, Director of ITIMDO, Dr. Irene Abigail S. Guerrero, OIC of the Public Information Office, and Dr. Eva Marie C. Avila, Director of the Quality Assurance Office. In the initial meeting, the group shared best practices related to information technology, communication, branding, ISO journey, and accreditation status of some of UNP’s programs. Dr. Quintos was impressed by the University’s improvements and the continuous developments of our program offerings. She hopes to be involved in UNP’s future accreditation initiatives. After the preliminary meeting, a short campus tour was given to the guests, facilitated by Prof. Johnny A. Allagadan, Jr., the Coordinator for Broadcast Media. The delegates spent the night housed in the University Hostel.