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On July 30, 2001, President Tacbas submitted the proposal to the UNP BOR for deliberation. Two recommendations were made. The first was the need for an assessment of the readiness of the proposed program by the Technical Panel for Legal Education (TPLE). The second was the need to secure the financial commitment of the Provincial Government to support the program. On September 23, 2001, the TPLE came to assess the proposed program. On February 1 2002, the TPLE gave its favorable endorsement of the proposed program to the UNP BOR. At almost the same time, the Governor of locos Sur magnanimously granted the request of President Tacbas for financial assistance in the amount of 1 million annually. On May 2002, Retired Justice Amante O. Alconcel donated his law books, including his Supreme Court Report Annotated (SCRA) to serve as fountain of wisdom to the future lawyers of the province. With the two requirements adequately secured, President Tacbas requested the Board to finally approve the proposal to establish the College of Law. On March 5, 2002, through Board Resolution No. 13 s. 2002, the UNP BOR approved the establishment of the College of Law. In the second week of May of the same year, President Tacbas constituted the Admission Committee. The Committee recommended to the University President that the Center for Educational Measurement be tapped in the conduct of the admission test.

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The opportunities for students at the College of Law are truly unmatched, as we strive to provide a diverse, academically rigorous environment to enable students to excel in their future legal profession.

Our full-time faculty is comprised of current practicing attorneys and distinguished scholars with extensive legal experience, ensuring that our students receive an engaging and intellectually challenging learning experience.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip students with a solid understanding of the law while honing their analytical and critical thinking skills to enable them to navigate the constantly evolving legal landscape. This includes the provision of clinical and experiential learning opportunities like externships, internships, and legal clinics, which give students exposure to real-world legal situations, building skills that are vital to becoming successful practicing attorneys.

Our alumni network is extensive, affording our students the opportunity of valuable connections that they can leverage to advance their careers. We foster diversity and inclusion, which is reflected in our community, leading to a supportive and dynamic culture. Our ultimate goal is to develop the next generation of leaders in the legal field that will make a positive impact in society.

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ISU visits UNP for possible collaboration

UNIVERSITY NEWS ISU visits UNP for possible collaboration Isabela State University visited the University of Northern Philippines for collaboration along Higher Education Research Innovation (HERAI).

HSAC visits UNP for GAD benchmarking

UNIVERSITY NEWS HSAC visits UNP for GAD benchmarking   The Human Settlements Adjudication Commission Region I (HSAC-RI) visited the University of Northern Philippines at the


Our esteemed institution takes great pride in its remarkable legal programs, notably its law faculty composed of widely experienced legal academics and experts committed to the growth and triumph of our remarkable students. These distinguished educators focus on providing comprehensive legal knowledge and critical thinking abilities which are crucial for succeeding in a rapidly evolving and complex contemporary legal system.

Our law faculty members have an unwavering passion for assisting students in achieving their objectives by imparting their expertise and knowledge and providing practical training that lays a strong foundation for a successful career. With such outstanding support from a team of expert faculty, our students are well-equipped with the necessary tools and resources to be competent and dynamic legal professionals. Our institution has earned a reputation for providing excellence in legal education, and with our expert faculty, we are confident that we’ll continue to maintain and grow our legacy of exceptional quality legal education.

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The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) has the mandated and accredited student organizations. The mandated student organization of the college is the Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS). The accredited organization are the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Junior Bankers Association (JBA), Association of Entrepreneurship Students (AES-ENACTUS), Federation of Business Administration Students (FBAS), Business Management of Association of the Philippines (BMA-UNP Chapter), Cooperative Management Student Organization (CMSO) and the Federation of Office Managements Students (FOMS).

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