UNP personnel Join Vigan City Education Day Parade

The UNP community headed by President Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna attends Education Day Foot Parade on January 20, 2024, in the City of Vigan as part of the Longganisa Festival. The parade was attended by all UNP personnel dressed in colorful family day shirts, signifying camaraderie and festivity as they celebrate the city’s rich culture.

Education, the cornerstone of societal progress, takes center stage when various educational institutions come together in a joyous display of unity. The annual parade featuring faculty and staff from diverse educational institutions is not just a spectacle but a powerful symbol of collective commitment to nurturing knowledge and excellence.

As the parade unfolds, the streets become a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of academic regalia, institutional banners, and the shared enthusiasm of educators. Diverse groups of faculty and staff, representing various educational levels and disciplines, march in unison, symbolizing the collaborative spirit that fuels the pursuit of knowledge.

The Education Day Parade involved participants from the different educational institutions amplifying unity and dedication for quality education. Also, Dr. Fatima Nicetas R. Alonzo, dean of the College of Architecture, is also named Bigueño Teacher of the Year (tertiary level).

One of the striking features of this educational parade is the diverse representation from different institutions. Faculty members from primary to secondary schools, colleges, and UNP come together. This diversity not only reflects the multifaceted nature of the education system but also underscores the importance of a holistic and integrated approach to learning.

Edison Fermin A. Anyog IV, a faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) shared his thoughts on the recent Educ Day, “We stand shoulder to shoulder, illustrating the continuum of education. Encouraging students while delivering lessons effectively, could further motivate students to give their best.” he quipped.

“This activity offers a dynamic platform fostering a vibrant learning environment outside traditional classrooms. Through creativity, displays, and interactive exhibits, it engages participants in a visually compelling way, making education accessible and enjoyable for all ages.” says Dr. Eileen Rose Q. Paculan, faculty and Unit Extension Coordinator of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA).

“Beyond the festivities, the education day parade serves a crucial purpose in emphasizing the value of education. It brings attention to the accomplishments of schools and students, inspiring a sense of pride in the community and encouraging a collective commitment to investing in education.” Says Ar. Ludivina A. Lozano, faculty and Unit Research Coordinator of the College of Architecture (CArch).

Moreover, the event engages the community beyond the parade path. The locals get a greater understanding of the importance of education in influencing the future as they observe firsthand the commitment of educators. Atty. Jonalyn R. Almachar, University Board Sec., said that “Participation of the different learning institutions in such fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the advancement and well-being of the community, strengthening the relationship between educational institutions and the people they serve.”

Engaging in the parade has a significant effect on the participating faculty and staff. It eliminates any barriers that could exist across various institutions and promotes a sense of connection instead. Teachers, who often feel confined to the walls of their own educational settings or institutions, discover a common forum to share ideas, work together on projects related to education, and create a network of support that goes beyond organizational boundaries.

Furthermore, the parade of different educational institutions attended by faculty and staff is a celebration of unity, diversity, and excellence in education. As educators proudly march together, they not only showcase their collective achievements but also send a powerful message about the importance of collaboration in advancing knowledge and fostering a community committed to shaping the future.

Lastly, this annual event stands as a testament to the enduring impact of education and the unwavering dedication of those who guide and inspire the minds of tomorrow.


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