Consistent with the aims of attaining the University’s vision and mission, University administrators gathered at the UNP Tadena Hall on August 4, 2023 for the University Performance Review Conference.

The affair primarily aimed to review the physical and financial performance of the University and its infrastructure projects in 2022 as baseline for the next planning cycle and to decide on the goals to attain in 2024. 

More importantly, another key objective is providing administrators with tools that promote future thinking, systems approach, setting goals and strategies, common framework for decisions and communications, and measuring of performance.

“We hope to improve our achievements in the coming years so that we may attain our vision, mission, and goals. We have great programs in UNP, and we need to serve the entire province with our skills and knowledge,” Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, University President, stressed.

Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna reiterates his Administration’s strategic direction for the University.

He also added that all the University’s accomplishments are proof of the UNP community’s hardwork and cooperation.

In terms of financial aspect, the event also aimed to ensure that available resources are fully utilized by setting work standards and schedules and to assess issues and concerns during the previous fiscal year as a basis for planning various programs, projects, and activities.

University administrators are all ears on the presentations of the three Vice Presidents of the University.

Dr. Rolando B. Navarro, VP for Academic Affairs, also reiterated higher education institutions’ goals of building human capital, generating new knowledge, engendering innovation, driving economic growth, and expanding and enhancing career and life choices and chances.

More specifically, following UNP’s framework of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), Dr. Navarro also emphasized UNP’s goal of developing graduates’ whole rounded personality imbued with humanist values; the desire to serve the community and nation; academic, behavioral, and technical skills; ethical orientation; and competency for lifelong learning.

These endeavors of annually revisiting the procurement planning and management processes of the University ensure that efficient and effective services are provided to students and internal and external partners.

Dr. Fatima Rocamora, VP for Research and Extension, also said that the University has already established a culture of research, which should be continually nurtured. 

“There should be an interplay between research and extension. We need to address societal issues and concerns to improve the quality of life of our beneficiaries, specifically the Ilocos community,” she emphasized.

Mr. Albert Tejero, VP for Finance and Administration, also assured his Office’s support to different programs and infrastructure development, especially in the procurement of equipment and supplies. Thus, proper planning is essential. 

“We are working to empower our programs and hire additional faculty. This way, we get to lessen contractual and job order faculty. The same goes with our non-teaching staff. We are hoping to sustain our development projects to truly positively impact our stakeholders,” he emphasized.

Other speakers in the event were Dr. Shareen A. Navarro for IT Infrastructure Projects, Dr. Johnny P. Belizar for Physical Infrastructure Projects, Dr. Victoria R. Arce for Gender and Development Services, Dr. Mariano Paterno F. Avila for Student and External Affairs Services, Dr. Eva Marie C. Avila for Quality Assurance Services, and Dr. Generoso Gudelio P. Pajarillo for Procurement Management.

The event was spearheaded by the University Planning and Information System Management (UPISM) with Dr. Ma. Teresa Susan L. Manzano (OIC) at the helm.

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