Research Centers

The following are Centers of Research under the University Research and Development Office:


Mushroom Research and Development Center

The center is geared towards the generation of relevant and significant researches along the different aspects of mushroom production and value-adding. The Center spearhead the planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation of the different programs, projects and activities related to the commodity.


Governance and Policy Research Center

The Center facilitate knowledge-creation along policy researches and studies in governance and administration and the monitoring of approved researches. It facilitate the smooth implementation of programs, projects and activities related to policy studies. 


Aquamarine Resources Research and Development Center

The center is focus on the conduct of functional and innovative researches along aqua-marine and related areas. The Center spearhead the planning, coordination, conduct/implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various research and development activities including extension and production endeavors. The Center headed by a Center Chief appointed by the President, and assisted by Coordinators along three areas: Aqua-Tech Development and Innovation; Production and Post-harvest Management; and Socio-Economics and Policy Development; Research Assistants, and Administrative Staff.

Ilokano Studies Center

Ilokano Studies Center

The center which houses a repository of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, aims to pre-serve and promote the Ilokano culture, identity, society, and history primarily through the conduct and monitoring of research undertakings. It, likewise, engages in programs, activities, and projects that highlights continuing cultural dialogue, discourages or exchanges. The Center is headed by a Chief, who is assisted by two coordinators, and a Curator.


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