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       In the digital age, academic institutions are confronted with formidable challenges in ensuring the utmost quality, originality, and integrity of research endeavors. Recognizing the paramount importance of upholding these standards, the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) has taken a pioneering stride in safeguarding the excellence and integrity of research outputs.

      UNP has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, mandating that all undergraduate and graduate theses, dissertations, and faculty research outputs undergo meticulous grammar checks and plagiarism evaluations. This proactive approach aims to not only elevate research standards but also foster a culture of ethical research practices among its esteemed academic community. Formally approved by the university’s governing body, the esteemed Board of Regents, this initiative has been designed to be financially sustainable through the collection of nominal fees. This ensures continued support and development of the project for the benefit of the entire academic ecosystem at UNP.

      With these decisive steps, the University of Northern Philippines stands at the forefront of championing the authenticity and credibility of academic work in the digital era. By nurturing a research environment founded on integrity and excellence, UNP sets a commendable example for academic institutions worldwide.

The adoption of Plagscan/Turnitin and Grammarly as essential tools for research at UNP is rooted in the following rationale:

a. Ensuring Academic Integrity: By utilizing plagiarism detection tools, PlagScan and Turnitin, UNP aims to guarantee that all research outputs are original, accurately cited, and free from academic misconduct.
b. Elevating Research Quality: Grammarly assists students and researchers in refining their writing skills, leading to clearer, more coherent, and error-free theses and dissertations, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of research work.
c. Board of Regents Approval: The formal approval from the university’s governing body, the Board of Regents, showcases the institution’s commitment to promoting academic excellence and integrity.
d. Financial Sustainability: The collection of nominal fees for the usage of these tools ensures the sustainable implementation of the initiative, covering license costs and potential future enhancements.

      The University of Northern Philippines’ innovative research initiative, demonstrates the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and integrity. By integrating plagiarism detection software and grammar-checking application as research evaluation tools, UNP has taken significant strides in fostering a research environment that prioritizes originality, responsible conduct, and academic rigor. The formal endorsement by the Board of Regents, along with the collection of nominal fees, ensures the sustainability of the initiative and supports its ongoing success in upholding research standards within UNP.

      The University of Northern Philippines is committed to promoting quality research and maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity. Through the 257 implementation of initiatives such as the adherence to Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines, Ethics Review, and Plagiarism and Grammar Evaluations, UNP nurtures a research environment that promotes inclusivity, upholds ethical principles, and ensures the highest quality of research output. Moreover, UNP ensures that research conducted within its academic community is rigorous, ethical, and aligned with national and international standards. By incorporating gender perspectives, protecting research participants, and employing tools to ensure originality and clarity, UNP demonstrates its dedication to producing research outputs that contribute to knowledge advancement and societal progress.

PlagSan /Turnitin

To keep abreast with the latest trends in the research world of coming up with quality outputs, the URDO has an annual subscription since 2015 with PlagScan, and from 2022, the Turnitin to check plagiarism. The Office has set a level of at least 90% originality.


All researches conducted are encouraged to be presented in an international or national research forum and be published in CHED accredited or international or national refereed journal indexed in Thomson Reuters, Scopus and ISI. The paper must undergo the process prior to the submission of the paper to organizing/ publishing institution. Prof. Randolf Agup, the software administrator. Grammar of the research write ups are checked and improved using Grammarly application which the URDO also subscribe annually since 2015.


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