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The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) of the University of Northern Philippines aims to produce globally competitive and morally upright professionals in business and allied fields. It provides the foundation of learning about established and accepted theories, principles, practices and strategies of business management, presents the ethical perspective of what business might and ought not to do according to the set of legal and moral standards in the context of national development and globalization, and promotes the holistic development of business students by providing avenues for professional and personal development. This is in line with the vision of the University of Northern Philippines as a global university anchored on excellence and with its mission to produce globally competitive and proactive professionals through excellent instruction, research, extension, and production.

CBAA Business Week Celebration

The Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS) of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy’s best practices are the preservation of Ilokano cultural heritage, promoting Ilokano traditions in modern-day entrepreneurship, empowering business education in a digitalized era, and promoting gender equality and development.

The organization believes that these advocacies are avenues to stimulate wider student participation in talent development and extracurricular endeavors. Generally, the Business Week celebration enables students to explore their entrepreneurship skills by discovering their strengths, marketing skills, talents, competitiveness, and empowering business education in a digitalized era.

Specifically, the Business Week’s objectives are to enhance the entrepreneurial competencies of the students and intensity their commitment to promote programs, projects, and activities that are responsive to Ilokano traditions in modern-day entrepreneurship thru empowering business education in a digitalized era; to enhance the skills and competencies of the students’ level of awareness on modern-day entrepreneurship as a toll for empowered digitalized era in a business education; to promote gender equality and development; to provide an avenue for students to showcase their skills and knowledge through the conduct of various academic and non-academic contests; and to strengthen academe and industry partnership through the conduct of food and trade exhibits.

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Of pride, celebration, and friendship

THE BEAUTY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION WITH GOOD GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP Practicing lawyer Derick Jackson C. Artates enrolled in his Master in Public Administration at the

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Our college has a diverse and accomplished faculty with extensive expertise in management, human resources, accounting, finance, and business analytics. They are passionate educators dedicated to helping students develop practical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for success. With our expert faculty, students can be assured of receiving quality education that prepares them to succeed in real-world endeavors.

Our Students

The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) has the mandated and accredited student organizations. The mandated student organization of the college is the Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS). The accredited organization are the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Junior Bankers Association (JBA), Association of Entrepreneurship Students (AES-ENACTUS), Federation of Business Administration Students (FBAS), Business Management of Association of the Philippines (BMA-UNP Chapter), Cooperative Management Student Organization (CMSO) and the Federation of Office Managements Students (FOMS).

Our Graduates

“I got my DBA Degree at UNP last May of 2018. It wasn’t an easy journey because I was bombarded with overwhelming responsibilities since I was designated as the Dean of College of Business Management and Entrepreneurship of ISPSC Tagudin and, at the same time, the rigorous requirements of the DBA degree. But I believe it was worth all the sacrifices. The knowledge and skills acquired in my degree helped me to widen my horizon in dealing with organizational conflicts, critical decision-making situations, and dynamism in the organizational structure. I can say that the quality of education of UNP CBAA DBA Program is above par. Why? I am now the Vice President for Administration and Finance of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, soon to be University of Ilocos Philippines and my graduate education played a vital role in shaping my leadership style and organizational skills—the reason I earned the respect of my appointing authority. Thank you UNP CBAA, particularly the DBA program.”


VP for Administration and Finance, ISPSC

“The collaborative and participatory learning atmosphere was one feature of the MBA program that really stood out to me. I had the honor of working with a broad group of experts from various fields and backgrounds. I was able to learn from other views through case studies, group projects, and class discussions, and I was also able to improve my teamwork and communication abilities. Through these contacts, not only did my professional network grow, but I also gained access to a community of like-minded people who were enthusiastic about their own personal and professional development.”

Franco O. Que, CPA (MBA ’13)

City Government Department Head I (Internal Auditor)


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