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The College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) has the mandated and accredited student organizations. The mandated student organization of the college is the Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS). The accredited organization are the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), Junior Bankers Association (JBA), Association of Entrepreneurship Students (AES-ENACTUS), Federation of Business Administration Students (FBAS), Business Management of Association of the Philippines (BMA-UNP Chapter), Cooperative Management Student Organization (CMSO) and the Federation of Office Managements Students (FOMS).

The Organization of Business Administration Students (OBAS) of the College of Business Administration and Accountancy embodies the highest standards and ethics of the organization in the college as the umbrella organization of all accredited and class organizations in the CBAA. The organization has been formed to sustain the pillars of the college in the fields of Instruction, Extension, Research, and Creativity. The organization was established to facilitate the CBAA in the different areas of learning through providing the students a responsive, effective, and efficient student services enacted through the implementation of well-marked rules and regulations of the organization itself. Hence, the OBAS will immensely work by the means of integral growth of the CBAA students.
The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA-UNP Chapter) is an organization of students in the field of accountancy. It is a recognized arm of the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA), which brings together accounting students from all over the Philippines and provides them with platforms to develop into well-rounded individuals. The Organization engages in a variety of activities that allow members to build relationships and establish connections with potential colleagues in the future.
Junior Bankers’ Association (JBA) is an organization of Financial Management students in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy. This organization was established to help develop the Financial Management students’ full potential to become competent and reliable future Bankers and Financial Managers. Furthermore, the Junior Bankers’ Association is organized to foster solidarity among the members and to inculcate in the minds of the members the habit of thrift for capital build-up. This organization is a national member of Junior Confederation of Finance Association-Philippines (JCFAP), a group of Junior Financial Executives.
The Association of Entrepreneurship Students serves as avenue of young entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurial excellence. As the College of Business Administration and Accountancy’s accredited organization, the Association of Entrepreneurship Students (AES-ENACTUS) provides young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial leadership potential, skills, and special interests.
The Federation of Business Administration Students (FBAS) serves as an organization of Business Administration Students in the College of Business Administration And Accountancy. This organization was established to help and develop the emerging student leaders in their own pathways, to be a highly competitive, dynamic and morally upright student body, growing in an environment where potentials are optimized. The organization caters only the first year and second year students under Business Administration program and it serves as the gateway of student leadership.
The Business Management Association of the Philippines (BMAP)-UNP Chapter is an organization that serves in the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA). It caters the students under the Human Resource Development Management (HRDM) Program as one of the major courses of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The organization works in envisioning being an effective vehicle leading to the dynamic transformation of competent business leaders that respond to a globally competitive environment. Moreover, the BMAP works in cooperation with CBAA to train and to develop business management students to become future productive managers by providing and/or sponsoring activities that will enable to apply the management theories and principles they acquired. in class, and welcomes AOM students from all backgrounds as members.
The Cooperative Management Students Organization (CMSO) promotes the cooperative awareness among the CBAA studentry in particular and the University studentry in general. It is involved in values enhancement program compatible with cooperative promotion and development and savings mobilizations among members for capital formation to create funds in order to grant the members. Also, it conducts activities that offer venues for intellectual, social, physical and moral development of the members.
The Federation of Office Management Students (FOMS) purpose is to nurture the development of its members’ administrative and office support skills. With this, FOMS is also committed to helping its members realize their full leadership potential, hosts events to help students implement what they’ve learned.


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