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The College traces its beginnings as early as in the establishment of the University by virtue of Republic Act 4449. At that time, UNP started with only two colleges, the College of Industrial Education (CIE) and the College of Engineering by virtue of Board of Regents Resolution No. 26, s. 1966. The CIE started a degree program of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE) on July 17, 1966 and had the first batch of BSIE graduates in 1968. Mr. Julian A. Corpuz as designated as the first head of the College. In 1968, by virtue of Board Resolution No.120, S. 1968, the College of Teacher Education was established. Because of its expanding growth of enrollment and to accommodate students’ decisions to become teachers, the College of Teacher Education came offered three degree programs, namely: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE), Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE), and Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED).

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Our college has a diverse and accomplished faculty with extensive expertise in education. They are passionate educators dedicated to helping students develop practical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary for success. With our expert faculty, students can be assured of receiving quality education that prepares them to succeed in real-world endeavors.

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The Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Gawaing Panlipunan is a mandated organization of the College of Social Work. The organization promotes leadership skills, teamwork, and student collaboration. It believes in fostering an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. It encourages members to take on leadership roles, organize events, and actively contribute to the organization’s mission.

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“I can say that some of the best years in my life were spent at UNP-CTE. As a person who loves to set goals to achieve them, I am fortunate enough to have chosen CTE to mold and hone me into who I am right now. From a shy student to somebody who has been leading different organizations, CTE brought the best in me. CTE has taught me three important things: pedagogy, content, and leadership, and I will forever be grateful.”


BSEd Science graduate Master Teacher II and Subject Group Head, STEM/ABM Department, Ilocos Sur National High School

“One thing that the college has successfully instilled in me is being an autonomous learner which eventually developed my personal autonomy (now as a professional). All the learning accountabilities and the self-taught learning practiced upon us were cognitively demanding. Apparently, I learned to self-assess and monitor my own learning progress. The freedom to choose, and having the agency over your choice and pace of learning may not as fun as it seems, but it made me more discerning and responsible. I am now living alone overseas with little to no support system but the autonomy I harbored in college got me through the position I was aiming right when I left my country. To my recollection, the outreach program of CTE-FTA in San Mariano, Bantay was not only a heartwarming experience but also an invigorating event where the leadership skills of a student like me were actuated. Such platform goes beyond what a mere classroom lecture and affective activities could impart. By that time (if I am not mistaken), our class was already introduced to 21st century education and the outreach program just explained to me what it meant by soft skill integration in learning. Of course, the last semester was one of the best: trying hard to impress while being economical with our materials was all fun.”
grad 2


BSEd English graduate


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