UNP LS hones skill of BMES Marching Band

The Laboratory Schools (LS) of the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of University of Northern Philippines conducted an extension activity in Bungro-Margaay Elementary School (BMES) in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur on April 18-19, 2024. The activity was a marching band training participated in by BMES marching band members to hone their skills in preparation for their upcoming competition.

The training kicked off with a short opening program facilitated by Mrs. Marjorie Janel Paguirigan, LS faculty. The marching band members of BMES showcased their prepared routines so that the trainers would have a significant insight into their current level of preparation to identify areas for improvement.

The training proper started with a focus on refining the marching band’s musicality, ensuring that notes and beats coordinate with the rhythmic tramp of the marching feet which was facilitated by Mrs. Shayne Cuenta. Ms. Maureen Lou Aragoza and Mr. Maxie Tolentino strengthened the marching band’s choreography, providing seamless transitions and proper execution of the steps.

On the second day, Ms. Aragoza and Mr. Tolentino commenced with a recap of the routines, ensuring that every member recognized their positions and steps with proper execution. Mrs. Cuenta continued to enhance the rhythm and dynamics of songs.

The BMES Marching Band repeatedly performed their routines and music to achieve mastery, synchronization, and precision. Through this, the BMES marching band members embraced the mantra “practice makes perfect.”

Mr. John Cesar S. Azcueta, Head Teacher of BMES, expressed his appreciation to the UNP LS for the enriching extension program. “This activity emphasizes not only the enhancing the talent of the marching band members but also the dedication of the trainers and the support of the University of Northern Philippines (UNP), University Extension Office (UEO), and Laboratory Schools. Through the collective efforts, the marching band members are ready to conquer the stage in upcoming competitions, representing our school and community with pride,” he added.

This collaboration addresses SDG 4: Quality Education and SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals. By assisting the BMES marching band, CTE Laboratory Schools is contributing to the improvement of the quality education in performing arts. This collaboration fosters a culture of learning and sharing knowledge between the two schools. This demonstrates a partnership that works towards a common goal of improving educational quality.

This activity was through the coordination of BMES, UEO and CTE LS through Mr. Randal Rabacal and Ms. Arlene Kriszel Tabbuac and was facilitated by Mr. Israel Q. Quadra, Mrs. Paguirigan, and Mrs. Shiela R. Manlangit.

Article by Marjorie Janel R. Paguirigan. Photos by Randal M. Rabacal.



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