The Guidance and Counselling Services and the Information and Orientation Services of the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) conducted the General Orientation Program for New Students on 15 September 2022. The activity, attended by first year students and transferees, was held at the University Gymnasium at 9:30 AM.

Dr. Mariano F. Avila, the Director of OSAS, in his opening remarks greeted the students saying โ€œI wish to congratulate you for having secured your place in the university and for having the good sense to choose to study in UNP. The university puts you in the center of everything it doesโ€.

โ€œThe orientation program will give you the opportunity to learn more about strategies for adjusting to college successfully, getting involved on campus, and making good choices. This session provides practical and valuable information on our policies, programs and services we have in place to promote a healthy environment, supportive of a successful transition to college lifeโ€, Dr. Avila added.

In his message to the students, Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, UNP President, articulated โ€œThis is the first batch during this time of pandemic that we are doing a face to face student orientation. This student orientation, my dear students, aims to familiarize you with the university policies and guidelines. The topics for discussion are significant as you will be able to understand your role and responsibilities as students. Further, you will be able to explore your options and know class expectationsโ€.

Dr. Cadorna was heavily applauded by the ecstatic students when he ended his speech saying โ€œMake happy memories while you are here in UNP. Have fun while learning. Be inquisitive and have that thirst for knowledge. UNP is very happy to have you all with us. Let us pray for better days ahead for good physical health and strong mind that we may face the ups and downs of the future with patience, perseverance and graceโ€.

The speakers and their topics are: Prof. Johnny Allagadan, Coordinator for Broadcast Media; History, Vision, Mission and Quality Policy of UNP, Ms. Laura Azurin, Office of the Registrar Head; General Academic Policies and Procedures, Dr. Marifel Acena, OIC Admission Services Office; Composition, Mandate, Objectives and Organizational Structure of OSAS, Ms. Marieglo Presto, Head Library Services; Library Services.

Dr. Daune Alden Oandasan, University Physician; Medical and Dental Services, Prof. Jake Jastin Soria, Head URDRM; Earthquake/Fire Evacuation Orientation, Dr. Ruben Ragunjan, Director Campus Security Services; Security Services, and Dr. Bryan Irvin Lamarca, Head Data Privacy Office; Data Privacy Act.+

In between the lectures, the officers of the Student Council conducted raffle draws. They gave away school items and health kits to lucky students. The UNP Dance Varsity provided an intermission number.

Mr. Daryl Jeremy Virtudes, Student Council President, also gave his message to the students. โ€œDespite all the academic responsibilities, you can still say that you are still feeling at home. The university is not just an institution. The mandate of the Student Council is to let you feel that you are still at homeโ€.

Source: UNP-PIO