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The Medical Services Office (MSO) is the locus for health concerns of University students. It provides primary health services that encompass both medical and dental care. It is concerned with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses of all students of the University.

Medical care constitutes assessment of clients using medical history, physical examination, laboratory procedures, treatment or first aid, and referral, if necessary.

Dental care involves prophylactic care, tooth extraction, and restorative services.

Also vital to the mandate of the office is the information, education and communication activities it carries out to increase the health consciousness of the students on current health challenges. These are done through individual counseling, distribution of printed materials, posting of updates using the Internet or through the conduct of seminars.

All medical and dental services including medicines available are given to the students for free. They can avail of the services through medical and dental consultations.

The MSO is composed of a University physician, a University dentist, a University health nurse, a nursing assistant, a University medical technologist and an office assistant
Client Service – library users can consult the library staff for assistance when looking for online information, and books.

Circulation – access to information, borrowing and returning of books and other library resources.

Computer and Internet – The University library is equipped with computer units with internet access. Students can conduct educational research and may connect to the Wi-Fi for free.

Circulation – Access to information, borrowing and returning of books and other library resources.

Online Services – Access to free online resources.

Reader’s Advisory – Announcement of library resources updates are displayed in the Library Bulletin Board, and Library Facebook Page. New list of acquisition are also disseminated to all colleges.

Library Orientation – Student orientation programs include the library and its resources and services. This is conducted at the start of every semester.

Referral – Students/researchers from other institutions with referral letters addressed to the librarian/President of the University is also being served.

Library Clearance – Securing of library clearance is required from students, faculty and employees who intend to leave the University or go for Teacher’s Leave.

Maker Space – This is a secure space alloted for students to work on projects while exchanging concepts, tools, and information, particularly with the use of computers and other technologies.
MONDAYS – FRIDAYS 7:30 a.m- 6:00 p.m and
SATURDAYS 8:00 a.m-5:00 pm
Sundays & Holidays:
Closed; No lunch breaks
1. UNP students with properly validated library card shall be allowed to borrow information sources. Silence must be strictly observed
2. Littering, eating, and sleeping are prohibited in the library.
3. All library users are subject to control procedures at the control area.
4. Library services are suspended two (2) weeks before the final examination (for the clearance signing). Reserved books are read only in the library for a period of one hour. Extension of additional hour is granted if the book is not needed by another user.
5. Students may borrow three (3) books at a time, UNP faculty are allowed to borrow three (3) books as reference for the subject they teach. UNP employees whether on a casual or part time basis are allowed to borrow two (2) books at a time.
6. Books borrowed for overnight use are charged at 3:00 pm and shall be returned the following school day. The cut -off time for returning is at 12 noon.
7. Photocopying information sources outside premises is within 10-15 minutes only. A fine of Php 1.00 per hour on books not returned at 12 noon and also Php 1.00 per hour is on books not returned after 15 minutes for photocopying. Fines must be paid at the Cashier’s Office.
7.Books damaged/ lost must be replaced or paid on its current price plus 10% for technical preparation.
8. Simultaneous borrowing from two (2) or more libraries is not allowed. The readers should borrow from one library at a time.
9. Designated in-charge for College / Unit Resource Centers / Mini Libraries shall be responsible for the smooth operation of their assigned area. In- Charge shall also countersign clearances of students and faculty members before the Head for Library Services will sign.
10. General reference materials are read only in the library and they cannot be brought out for home use. These include encyclopedias, atlases, manuals, handbooks, yearbooks, dictionaries, almanacs, directories, theses/dissertations/research proposals, newspapers/magazines/journals, and vertical files e.g. clippings, pamphlets.
11. The E- Library in the University Library is open for free internet and encoding services to students.


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