The UNP Federated Alumni Association, in partnership with the Office of Vice Governor Ryan Luis V. Singson and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), initiated a two-day mobile passporting service (Passport on Wheels—Pre-Application) on April 3-4, 2023 at the UNP Gymnasium.

With the recent demand of passporting, the Office of the Vice Governor (OVG) initially conveyed their mission of servicing their constituents through an outreach lineup. With the same endeavor to serve, OVG, together with UNP, created an outlet for a more convenient and hassle-free processing.

The pre-application which took place is the equivalent of the online pre-application administered by the DFA.

Michael Ryan Astom, president of the Tour Guides Association of Ilocos Sur, highlighted: “While serving this program for many years, up to the 12th or 13th year now, our mission has always been the same. We’ve been very thankful to the president, Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna, as UNP had responded to our request from last year.”

“Our main mission was always about how we would lessen the financial burden for our people through open and accessible means. Vice Governor Ryan Luis Singson has been targeting this for quite some time now,” Astom added.

A crowd of attendees stormed the application. So far, around 237 showed interest, and more are expected to come.

Students and staff of UNP also showed their interest in complying with the passport requirements.

Separate stations were formed for more efficient processing and for catering to the needs of pregnant women and senior citizens.

Processing of applications will continue. The team expects to come back to UNP on May 10-11, slated for finalizing the applications.

University students wait for their turn in the pre-application.

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