CHS launches Emergency Health Science Week


The College of Health Sciences, particularly its BS Emergency Health Sciences Program, made history as it launched its first-ever Emergency Health Science Week, a momentous occasion celebrating the invaluable contributions of Emergency Health Professionals. With the theme “Illuminating the Path of Valor: Saving Lives, Securing The Future,” the event aimed to inspire hearts and minds towards the noble mission of saving lives.

The first-ever Emergency Health Science Week took place on April 18–19 and included events designed to increase students’ understanding and admiration of the profession of emergency health sciences. The event included quiz bees, Rescuelympics, and parlor games, which demonstrated the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for efficient emergency response.

The events were imbued with a sense of dignity and seriousness by the distinguished presence of recognized leaders, such as University President Dr. Edwin F. Cadorna, Vice President for Academic Affairs Rolando B. Navarro, and College of Health Science Dean Dr. Joussie B. Bermio. Their passionate speeches emphasized how important the Emergency Health Sciences curriculum is to determining how healthcare is delivered in the near future.

Dean Joussie Bermio and Prof. Maria Yolanda Aquino led the initiative with the aim of promoting innovation and excellence in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field. The program demonstrated a commitment to academic and professional growth by providing a means for students to engage with cutting edge emerging trends and current issues in emergency healthcare delivery.


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