International Coastal Cleanup Day

A persistent worldwide catastrophe results from the ever-growing quantity of rubbish and debris that is
present in all the world’s oceans and seas, including in isolated and landlocked regions, as well as the
extremely sluggish pace of deterioration of most things. Although it appears that there is a huge
problem with marine garbage, it is completely avoidable.

The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) program addresses the issue by enlisting
volunteers from volunteer organizations and individuals worldwide, who have come together over the
last 25 years to remove trash from beaches, rivers, lakes, waterways, and underwater areas.
Additionally, the program encourages volunteers to document the trash they collect.

An accounting of the things that are destroying the world’s seas throughout time will be provided via
data gathered internationally. Governments, the industrial sector, and companies will be guided in
creating clever solutions to address the issue of marine debris by the trash index that is generated.


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